Bat Mitzvah 11/4/05 - Traditions - Links - Syracuse New York

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thank you 


11/7/2005 9:29:18 AM Eastern Standard Time


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for a great party Friday night!  I have gotten so many compliments
and the relatives from Cleveland, Ohio were impressed at how well you kept
things lulls in the action!

Cara had a wonderful time and that is the bottom line!  Please feel free to
have anyone contact me if you actually need any references at this point.
Now you need to have your own space where you can have a permanent set up
for parties and other events.  You could provide the catering or have people
bring in their own.  I think it would go over well.  Party rooms are so
limited in this area. My next big bash will be in June or July 2007 for
Leah's high school graduation.  I have a big pool, deck, and patio area.  Do
outdoor gigs work well?

Thanks again,

Kathy Adelson