Bat Mitzvah Daisy Flower Mill, 7/14/06 Rochester, NY New York

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Thank you so much for the great party.  Everyone was raving about your DJ talents, the great way you handled the kids, the dancers, the light show, etc. 
Melanie said it was the greatest weekend of her life.  She loved every second of the party. Lydia, my 6-year old, is still beaming about winning so many contests.  She says "I won, and I don't even know how I won!"  So, thanks for fixing it for the little ones!
Many people were very impressed with the Cup of Life, and never had
seen it before.  Thanks for suggesting it. It was much more meaningful than candle lighting.

Thanks for doing all my music requests of what to play and what not to play.  I appreciate you working with me on that. 
And thank you for keeping the volume down as I've been to so many affairs where the older folks want to watch the action AND talk to people they haven't seen in 10 years. I'm proud to say that at this affair, they could do both! 

Everyone, young and old alike had a fantastic time. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  If you ever need a recommendation, referral, etc, feel free to call on us. Fondly,

Stefanie Singer