Wedding Reception - Logan Ridge Winery - Friday August 6th 2004 New York

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gratitude and question 


8/18/2004 2:38:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time


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Hi Kevin,

We are in the process of working on the evaluation to get back to you, but first off I wanted to tell you how extremely happy we were w/ your service for our wedding! It was so great! Many people (including both sets of our parents) commented on how outstanding the DJ and music was. The choreographed music w/ the slide show and fireworks display was absolutely perfect! I was so pleased with the music you chose for the slideshow, the first song (When you say nothing at all) was so fitting - I loved it. It was like you read my mind b/c not too long ago I had heard that song for the first time (not sure how I had never heard it until recently, but anyway...) and liked it so much I inquired who it was by and had to know all the lyrics. There was so much going on before the wedding I didn't even think about including that song myself. Anyway, all 3 songs for the slideshow were so well done, I was wondering if you could let me know what the other two's titles and artists are? I would appreciate that information b/c we are trying to put the slideshow together with the music on a CD for our remembrance. THANK YOU so much for the terrific work you did for us on our wedding and all the preparation time prior to the actual event! You will be hearing from us again soon w/ the evaluation.


Thank you!



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