Bar Mitzvah New York 4/9/05 Vestal Hills C.C. Binghamton, New York

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Hi Kevin,

I am putting your evaluation form in the mail today...I'm sorry this took so long certainly not because we were unhappy...we absolutely loved everything about our party and are still getting compliments even from people who weren't at the party saying they heard it was the best party ever thrown in Binghamton!!


We definitely can attribute the success of it to the great people we hired (you, Jim and Najila were a great team!) Can't wait to do it again for Brandon's Bar Mitzvah.  I am sorry I haven't had a chance to give you more feedback...unfortunately Michael fell very sick two days after the Bar Mitzvah and we have been in and out of the hospital since then. Didn't give us a lot of time to bask in the joy of our event...he is doing ok now and is home but his illness does consume our time. I think Kenny spoke to Jim since the Bar Mitzvah but when you see him tell him I watch his movie at least once a day makes me so happy!!!

Take care...I'll call you as soon as I get Brandon's Bar Mitzvah date (May 2008)


Sharon Mintz

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Bar Mitzvah 4/9/05

Temple Concord, Binghamton,

New York