Bar Mitzvah 10/8/05 The Lodge Welch Allyn, Skaneateles New York

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Bar Mitzvah success 


10/9/2005 5:51:28 PM Eastern Standard Time


Thanks so much to you and your staff for helping to make the Bar Mitzvah such a wonderful success. We stressed to you that is was so important to us to make the party fun for the kids while keeping the adults busy with dancing and also having a good time. You worked it out marvelously and I know what a huge challenge that is with the Bar Mitzvah party.  I think you had the perfect mix!  And I also want to complement you for working with us on the song selection. We told you from the beginning that we are picky with our musical taste and we did not want the typical party mix or the cliché songs and you certainly delivered what we requested. We got so many complements from our guests that they loved the music!!! Thanks for daring to be different and go with what we requested!!!
Roz Odin