The iPod Vs. The DJ

Setting the Tone of Your Reception

Cheryl Q is an acclaimed wedding entertainment specialist. She is a published author, a mentor in the national American Disc Jockey Association, on the ADJA Board of Directors - South Florida Chapter, and is the only woman in the US who is CPSDJ Certified. Now she weighs in on the increasingly controversial subject of using ipods at wedding receptions, exclusively for

"Lately I have read several articles encouraging brides to save a few dollars by using an mp3 player instead of hiring a disc jockey (DJ) for their wedding. The assumption is that an ipod is all any reception really needs because it can house all of the happy couple’s favorite songs in fun, pre-determined playlists. That sounds okay for a second, but shows a complete lack of knowledge about how to organize a reception and can potentially ruin the whole affair.

Keeping rhythm.
"Long after you’ve forgotten how much everything cost, you’ll still remember your reception. It’s the kind of thing that stays with you. You know what else stays in mind over the years? Terrible entertainment! You may not always remember the names of lousy bands or plays you’ve seen, but you remember where you were when you experienced them. If the flow and tone of your reception is left to an mp3 player, everything will get delayed and confused. Do you want your guests’ lasting memories of your reception to be negative?

"DJs do a lot more than just play songs; they make sure your whole reception runs smoothly! They introduce the wedding party, make announcements like the bouquet toss and the cutting of the cake, get people dancing, adjust the music and lighting to the ever-changing mood of the guests and handle any number of small details throughout the event. Simply flipping on your ipod does not address any of these things.

"Investing in a professional DJ will impact other areas of your wedding as well. Take your wedding pictures, for example. You’ve hired a professional photographer to capture your special day for your wedding album. The first half of that album will contain posed pictures, while the second half will feature the reception: the garter toss, the first dance, friends and family celebrating. All of these moments will be affected by the atmosphere of the room and the music playing, and the results will be captured forever in those pictures. An mp3 player is to a professional DJ as a disposable camera is to a professional photographer, or as pizza delivery is to a caterer.

Beautiful music together.
"There are enough other ways to cut wedding costs, and using an mp3 player eliminates a key professional who is essential to the success of your reception. Think about how you truly want your once in a lifetime reception to feel, and how you want your guests to remember it. Your DJ can help make sure it’s perfect!

Congratulations and very best wishes!"

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