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Turning Stone Casino - Verona New York

Traditions at Links - Fayetteville New York

Casa Larga - Fairport NY

Hotel Syracuse - Syracuse NY

Belhurst Castle - Geneva New York

Ventosa Vineyards - Geneva New York

Canandaigua Inn on the Lake

Dibbles Inn, Vernon NY

TV Commercial NOW live on WTVH CBS Channel 5 using

Kevin Colangelo as the voice of the Dibbles inn

Other Various Venues

Cornell University After Wedding Party

"After Wedding Party" for a New York City couple"



Bar and Bat Mitzvah Set Up

Belhurst Castle Geneva

The Lighting effects in these photographs are the first of their kind in New York State and are included with Kevin Colangelo's personal package:

These lighting effects are 'moving heads' mounted on stands controlled by DMX control by Elation

These effects are not the normal DJ lights seen at many weddings or other events:

ACUSPOTS are very high end intelligent effects costing in the region of $10 ,000 - $15, 000 for the system with DMX control and additional features, stands, hazer and cabling.







Edgewood Resort Alexandria Bay

Picture right shows the ACUSPOTS™ targeted onto the wall in the reception room using a rotating gobo gives a classic romantic effect.


Comment from: Jamie (Wedding Guest)
Wow.! Let me be the first to say that the pictures are incredible, made even more phenomenal by the reason we all got together that weekend...Sara and Tim Guile. That was quite possibly the best get-together I have ever been to, and it will probably never be surpassed. I'm happy to have had family I rarely see, close family, and new family all in one place to celebrate this great occasion. Thanks for capturing everything that Tim and Sara are together, and so incredibly...

and thanks to everybody who made it such an powerful event.


Comment from: Ginny Guile - Coleman (Wedding Guest)

That was indeed a picture perfect wedding. Tim & Sara did much preparing for this wonderful event and it definitely showed. Everyone in the family said it was the best wedding they had ever attended. Kevin, you were the best. You kept the wedding hopping. Neil & Liesl, so far the pictures are absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest!! I would definitely recommend Kevin, Neil and Leisl to my friends. Again, thanks for everything.

Ginny Guile Coleman


Comment from: Linda Snyder (Wedding Guest)

You are all amazing, Neil, Liesl & Kevin. Somehow we all who attended this outstanding event will never be the same. We were all touched somewhere down deep in our hearts and souls. Sara and Tim put so much work into getting it all together the way they wanted it to be, but luckily they hooked up with the right people who also worked hard to make it all happen. I thank you all for your efforts in helping these two beautiful people realize the fairytale wedding they wanted. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see the rest of them. Thank you all. Sara's (and now Tim's) aunt, Linda Snyder

Glen Iris Inn, Letchworth Park

Picture left shows the effect of the  ACUSPOTS™ pre programmed to position and then projected onto the roof of the tent - the gobo's are turning in a UV color and create a dynamic effect















Belhurst Castle Geneva

This picture shows the ACUSPOTS™ targeted onto 2 mirror balls on our truss system -

the effect is phenomenal

















Glen Iris Inn, Letchworth Park

This picture shows the ACUSPOTS™ targeted onto the upper part of the tent roof and using a different rotating gobo gives a classic romantic effect


From Groom: Aaron Skinner pictured above

Hello everyone. Yes we had an amazing wedding and will have a lot of amazing things to say about Neil and Liesl. But, the DJ was Kevin Colangelo, who was excellent! If anyone else has any questions feel free to email me.









Belhurst Castle Geneva

This picture shows the ACUSPOTS™ revolving and changing effects on the dancing - remember these effects revolve 360 degrees on their pod stands and change up to 7 colors and 6 moving gobos!












Glen Iris Inn, Letchworth Park

This picture shows the ACUSPOTS™ targeted onto the side of the roof and are unitized for lighting up the dance floor while Kevin Colangelo presents the Anniversary Dance conclusion with the longest married couple and the Bride and Groom













Glen Iris Inn, Letchworth Park

This picture shows the ACUSPOTS™ targeted onto the tent upper and creates a dynamic effect!



























Glen Iris Inn, Letchworth Park

This picture shows the ACUSPOTS™ in the background on the upper tent- remember this shot was in broad daylight!

The ACUSPOTS™ are very powerful high end effects used on stage by most famous bands and artists:














Belhurst Castle Geneva

Another 'action shot' with the 'rig' in the background and you notice the 'flame effect lighting too"
















Edgewood Resort Alexandria Bay

Another 'action shot' with the ACUSPOTS™ fan effect














Edgewood Resort Alexandria Bay

Notice the effect the ACUSPOTS™ have on the entire ambience in this shot




























A very old photograph of Kevin Colangelo with "BANANARAMA" touring the UK

with the single "VENUS" way back in the 1980's

I know...I look like somebody out of the Flock of Seagulls or Duran Duran...but it was the 80's and I would do it all again tomorrow, and with the leather pants I miss those!


And here is another nostalgia photo of Kevin in the 1980's with another Promotional Tour

(love the animal print!)










Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys were selected to supply our DJs for the VIP Lounge on the 2008 Madonna Tour !




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