Public Liability Insurance - The Truth - Absolutely Crucial !


  • Liability Insurance is a standard requirement and we will supply Liability Cover upon request to our clients.

  • Many organizations do not implement this requirement for a DJ to join an organization or Professional Association which we feel is improper when promoting high standards within the industry

  • Liability Insurance is required by many facilities and it is always best to ask the facility or venue where your event is being held if this is a requirement otherwise the DJ you book may be refused entry on the day of your event!

  • Liability Insurance covers accidental damage to other peoples property and also in the event of accidents and mishaps.

  • Also covers any accident like a guest tripping over a speaker cable, stand or accidentally hurting themselves on equipment.

  • Liability is a fundamental element which should NEVER be overlooked or ignored.....EVER!

  • You may hear loose advice from friends, other DJ services (that do not have insurance) telling you that you do not need it......WHY then would we have it?

  • Liability Insurance will be 2 million dollar cover.

  • You MUST NEVER EVER book a DJ service without witnessing, or seeing their public liability insurance BEFORE making a deposit - never assume they have it or be told they have it.....(I recently was sent a Insurance note by a DJ that applied to join our team and he sent Home Owners Insurance! - I said - that is NOT Public Liability Insurance - another DJ sent me Equipment Insurance - that is NOT Public Liability Insurance.

  • Don't be fooled into thinking that a venue's own Public Liability Insurance covers your DJ or band - it does NOT! many States NO banquet facility allows DJs or Bands in or near the building without Public Liability Insurance.

  • Many  facility's think their own Public Liability Insurance covers your DJ - it does not - the same as it does not cover a plumber or electrician or builder or any contractor going into the facility to perform work (contractors are required to have Public Liability Insurance)

  • If you fail to book a DJ service with Public Liability Insurance, then you take the risk.

  • ****ALL Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys have Public Liability Insurance****















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