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    Bat Mitzvah
    27th November 2010
    Maggianos, Schaumburg IL

    Thank you Kevin and your team for a fantastic bat mitzvah party for our girls.  The people cannot stop raving about how well you kept everyone engaged and participating without even being over the top as many MCs tend to be.  The kids were having such a great time during the cocktail hour that the adults could not resist joining in - first time I see that happen at a Chicago event!!  Hats off to you.  You are the consummate professional and we are extremely happy that we took the chance to bring you in from out of state - you did exactly as you promised and delivered like a champion.  And the montage you created was amazing.  Thanks for everything.  You are 110% recommended by us.
    David Katz
    Email Address:


    Bat Mitzvah Review  (MC Kevin)
    Kevin and his staff were excellent. Everyone had a great time. He has a great stage presence.  Everyone loved his accent.  His light show was outstanding, better than promised and he kept the adults and kids busy all night. He gave us his recorded introductions and candle lighting ceremony on disc at the end of the evening.  We were also impressed with his knowledge of how a Bat Mitzvah should be run.  Thanks again Kevin.  Beth and Doug

    Beth Ring
    Home Telephone Number: 585-249-0003


    Email from the father of the above client Doug Ring


    Yes, it is are, indeed, the "PREMIER DJ" and I will never forget how you added such a wonderful dimension to the success of Samantha's Bat Mitzvah!  You and your crew were fantastic in every way! 

    Your personality was captivating and, as an entertainer, you had the entire party in the palm of your hand.  Mario's staff is still talking about your performance as being beyond anything that they have ever

    seen, having been in the restaurant & banquet business for decades!   


    Everyone in attendance will be talking about Samantha's party for years to come!

    I am proud to have had the opportunity of working with you

    ( the unexpected "OLD DOG" Grandpa YMCA routine) and spending a marvelous evening with you.  I wish that we had more time to spend with you, but one never knows what the future will bring. 

    The next time you are in Rochester, please let me know and I would enjoy hearing from you.

    Please, let's stay in touch and I wish you continued good fortune.

    Best Regards,

    Papa Jeff

    Bat Mitzvah  Review
    Great job, both kids and adults enjoyed the entertainment and good music.
    Kids were well kept appropriately occupied with games that they really
    seemed to enjoy. Have already referred you to friends. Thanks!
    Trish Miller

    Bar Mitzvah (MC Kevin)
    I have to say that Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys LLC was incredible! As an event planner myself, I can truly appreciate all of the time, effort and detail he put into my event.
    Starting with all of the planning: his willingness to drive for meetings down to Binghamton (an hour from his office), his easy access via. email, and his great suggestions for making the event as upbeat and memorable as possible - he is a true expert at what he does. (and we even had a little British humor wrapped in to it all...)
    Kevin was truly the Master of Ceremonies for our son's Bar Mitzvah, took charge and made the event run so smoothly that my husband and I could enjoy the evening without worrying about the details.
    Kevin worked very well with our caterer, our videographer, photographer and our Temple caretaker and he was instrumental in making the flow of the evening work well for everyone.
    His staff, his DJ and the two young men "motivator" dancers were extremely professional and really did the job they were hired to do. The dancers really engaged the kids and kept them having a great time. I heard nothing but positive comments from my children and the others about how "cool" they were. Even the adults were commenting about how great they were.
    I believe that Kevin went above and beyond what he was hired to do for our event. Given that he probably does this every weekend (maybe more than once), he treated our event like it was the only one -- with his complete attention and care. Kevin took the time to really personalized the evening to our family and to my son Noah.
    The quality of Kevin's equipment is first-rate, just like he tells you it is. The lights, the video camera, the bubbles and the music were amazing and truly high quality. He created a lovely montage utilizing my photographs, but taking the time to add in "jazzy" transitions, music and a cool rock-n-roll theme logo.
    The party Kevin created for us was truly geared to all in attendance - both the adults and the 50+ kids (ages ranging from 6 - 16). Everyone was up and moving and having a great time. That is exactly what we wanted. It was truly a magical night and I thank Kevin for helping to make it that way. I will absolutely recommend him to others and I hope he is available for my twin's B'nai Mitzvah in 2011.
    Linda Salomons

    Bat Mitzvah  (MC Kevin)
    We used Kevin for our daughters Bat Mitzvah, and could not be happier with the our choice. From the first conversation, Kevin was actively involved, open with advice, and committed to making the day beyond comparison. The on-line tools allowed us to preselect songs. The form allowed us to choreograph and script various parts of the celebration. The lights, games, bubbles, and prizes made it a wholly enjoyable day for adults and children. From a parents perspective, having someone to lead the planning of events was invaluable! It allowed me to focus on everything else during the days before, and the day of the event. From the perspective of my daughter (the only one that really matters), it was PHENOMENAL. Of all the Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s she has attended, she felt this was the best DJ experience by far. She walked away from a special day feeling like the experience was greatly enhanced by Kevin and his team, and feeling like there was nothing that could have been done to make it more special. Above and beyond simply recommending him to others, I am already decided on using him for my sons Bar Mitzvah in a few years.
    Thank you!
    Craig Abrahamson


    Bar Mitzvah  (MC John)
    Just wanted to let you know how much fun all our guests had at my son Peter's Bar Mitzvah...John was great, the music was hot, and the video montage was very touching...the dancers did a great job of getting everyone up and moving and of handing out all the crazy giveaways you suggested we spice things up with! Your Cup of Life recommendation was a wonderful, unique way to honor the important people in Peter's see the smile on my son's face and to watch him with his buddies on the dance floor was worth EVERYTHING to me...a week later people are still talking about what a great night it was...folks commented that it our celebration was just the right mix of elegance coupled with hip hip hooray! Thanks for making this important occasion such a memorable event for us and for all our friends and family! We knew we came to the right place for a party done the right way! The time and effort you put into making personalizing our event is greatly appreciated. We look forward to other family celebrations in the future with you guys involved!
    Wendy Davidson
    New Hartford, New York

    Bat Mitzvah  (MC Kevin)
    Dear Kevin:
    Just want to thank you once again for doing such a G R E A T job a t my daughter Jaydes' Bat Mitzvah.
    You know me, I like things out of the ordinary. That is why I like working with you.
    I tell you exactly what I want and you work with me to get it perfect...and perfect it was!!
    You are all great. From your dancers all the way to your "roadies", whom you were so kind to send outside to help my cousin into the party. He has MS and his wheelchair was stuck in his van. You overheard this and sent your helpers right out to bring him in. We all appreciated that!
    The folks at The Oak's Retirement home, where I am Activities Director also appreciated it when you volunteered your time to play some music from their era for them. You even played some of their Jewish music requests for them.
    No matter what kind of party I am having, I want you there. You make my life easier and fun for everyone to enjoy.
    Thanks, Kevin.
    Janis Martin

    Syracuse, New York

    Bat Mitzvah  (MC Kevin)
    I don't have too much time to write now, but wanted to send you a few
    words and thoughts regarding my experience with Kevin Colangelo this
    weekend during my daughter's bat mitzvah. I haven't even had a
    chance to speak to him yet to debrief and thank him. So I hope you
    don't mind that I am copying him on this email.
    First, Kevin Colangelo is a professional through and through. The depth of character and experience that he brings to the occasion are beyond compare. What is even more surprising given that he has been doing this so many years, is that he made me feel like I was the only bat mitzvah he had ever done. He listened to me, he was thoughtful and compassionate and worked so very hard to create a meaningful experience for me and my family from the very beginning.
    For such a busy person he was very dependable and reliable with his follow up calls.
    It was not necessary to baby sit him and constantly check up
    to see how things were progressing. He promised a top grade product
    and he delivered that and more.
    I felt privileged to have him be our DJ and master of ceremonies.
    I feel grateful for the thought and effort he brought to the occasion.
    I didn't have to worry about even the smallest detail - he thought of everything.
    He was careful and surveyed the site prior to the event even though he has worked there on many occasions. He did not take even the smallest risk of spoiling our event.
    We worked and planned this occasion for two years.
    I only needed a few phone calls with Kevin for arrangements because he was so knowledgeable and efficient. His attention to every detail both technical and emotional allowed me to be free of any concerns regarding his end of the deal and responsibilities.
    He delivered a first rate experience and all the guests commented on how well the kids behaved. That was due in large part to Kevin's brilliant orchestration and thoughtfulness regarding their interests and needs.
    We had over 100 kids - same number of adults so I think his achievement is even more impressive.
    He even went so far as to be so thoughtful and sensitive to my very close friend's child who has social difficulties.
    I asked Kevin if he could allow this child to observe the technical aspects of the event.
    Kevin was receptive to my request and went well beyond the call of duty. This child (age 11) had the time of his life and his parents and grandparents glowed the entire time - not only did his act of kindness change one life but the after effects will live on as evidenced by the pictures that his mother so proudly sent to me today.
    My friend whose daughter had a bat mitzvah several years ago summed it up best, she said, if she had had ten children she would have worked with Kevin Colangelo ten times.
    I am a clinical psychologist by training and I can not emphasize how intuitive and sensitive Kevin was to our emotional needs regarding this event.
    Lesley Teitelbaum

    Syracuse, New York

    Bar Mitzvah  (MC Kevin)
    Talk about kick butt parties! I have to say you guys did a fantastic!!! job...the room looked great with all of your lighting and special effects...the sound system was outrageous and the dancers were especially fun (Chad was a great addition) and of course DJ Kevin was flawless. Our guests are raving about the whole package...Thank you soooooo much for putting in so much effort. We would never plan a Kevin ColangeloLESS party!!
    It has been a pleasure working with you Kevin, we'll be in touch!!
    Sharon Mintz

    Bar Mitzvah  (MC Kevin)
    Hi Kevin:
    From the service, to the party, we could not have asked for a better Bat Mitzvah celebration. Robyn and I have been involved in running a lot of events over the years and we always aim at hiring the best people who compliment each other. We are very thankful to the Carr's who recommended you as you are clearly one of those people. The caterer (Franklin Plaza) who has been in business for years and a very high profile caterer in our area commented that they have never seen a light show like yours. Your setup also looked great with all the equipment on stage.
    Jessica was thrilled!
    We never compare ourselves to others but some of our friends commented that our party will be hard to compare.
    Thanks again and we hope to see you in the future.
    Ed and Robyn Marinstein

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