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    Wedding Reception

    October 9th 2010
    Dibbles Inn, Vernon, NY

    Our ceremony and reception was amazing.  Kevin chose perfect music for the ceremony and reception.  Our guests are still talking about how great the music was and how much fun they had.  They said Kevin was funny and started off the night with a boom! My husband and I could not be happier and we are so happy with the professionalism and quality of the dj service.  The photo booth was a huge hit too!  It was so nice not to have to worry about what songs to play or what was going to get played and if people were going to dance.  People of all ages were dancing all night from start to finish.  We highly recommend Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys.  If you want a wonderful reception with people dancing all night and worry free, definitely hire this company.  You will not regret it!
    Laura Reddington
    Email Address: roberl1@sage.edu
    Home Telephone Number: 315-404-1084

    Wedding Reception

    September 25th 2010
    Turning Stone Casino and Resort, Verona, NY
    Kevin is a true professional and great at what he does. From our first meeting to the end of our reception Kevin never missed a beat.   It's refreshing to see someone take as much pride in their work as Kevin does. If your looking for a true pro to DJ your wedding or any other event Kevin is your man!
    Marta Navarro
    Email Address: Martancarl@gmail.com

    Wedding Reception

    September 5th 2010
    Belhurst Castle, Geneva, NY

    Kevin DJ'd a close friend's reception last year as well as my own this September.  Our friend's wedding was an absolute blast and I was impressed with how Kevin gauged the crowd and played an outstanding mix of music that kept the dance floor packed all night.

    Needless to say, I was excited that we had Kevin booked for our wedding the next fall.


    I cannot thank Kevin enough for the job that he did at our reception.  We have received numerous comments from friends and family that it was the best reception they have ever attended.  There were 150 guests and nearly every one of them (from ages 8-80) was on the dance floor the entire evening.


    We let Kevin pretty much run the entire evening and our play/don't play lists were very short.  The music selection was awesome, the right mix of classics and new hits.  As with our friend's wedding, Kevin did an incredible job of gauging the crowd and giving the people what they wanted.


    What impressed me the most about Kevin was his level of professionalism and preparedness.  Our planning meeting before the wedding was invaluable as Kevin offered several suggestions on the order of events and the flow for the evening.  His experience really showed here and his suggested timeline for the evening was perfect.  We could not have planned the schedule better and are very grateful for his input.


    Of all the various vendors required to pull off a wedding, Kevin very easy to work with and the one whom we felt most comfortable with and confident in.  I would recommend him without reservation as he has nailed two home runs at both weddings I've been to.  Thanks again Kevin!

    Mike Donnelly

    Email Address: donnelly41@gmail.com

    Home Telephone Number: 315256431

    Wedding Reception October 31st 2009

    Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse

    New York
    I don’t even know where to begin! You made our wedding perfect. From the very beginning when we first talked with you, you gave us so much insight & came up with a million ideas that were all incredible. You were so much more than a dj to us. The wedding day was magical! We’ve had so many comments from people saying that our wedding was by far the best they’ve ever been to- and I credit that to you. Your song choice & the timing of the songs was just perfect. You had everyone dancing all night long- from the college aged people to the oldest guests there!
    Our entrance to the reception that you came up with was unforgettable. We cannot thank you enough for giving us that moment. Both Jon & I consider our entrance to be our favorite moment from the entire wedding day, and you came up with the whole idea of it on a whim. We’ve had so many people tell us that was amazing & we just felt like royalty. It was incredible.
    You are truly a professional. You put so much detail and hard work into making the day special for us. From the gorgeous uplighting, to the bubbles during our first dance, to the amazing lighting during the dance, to the way you had the dance floor packed the entire night- I just can’t say enough about you. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you for making our day beyond perfect.

    Sidra and Jon St Lewis

    Email Address: ssmonreal@yahoo.com

    Wedding Reception October 3rd 2009

    Brae Loch Inn, Cazenovia

    New York
    Review: Kevin did an amazing job DJ-ing our wedding! It would not have been the same without him! All of the guests commented on how much fun he was! I loved all the ideas he had to involve all the guests – things like giving away the centerpiece, bouquet and garter toss – that you see at every wedding, he had great ideas to make them fresh and exciting! Also – we had friends that were celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary at our wedding & he had the best idea how to make them feel special.
    Kevin helped to create memories that we will not likely forget. Also – he used inspiration from the venue to set the tone for the wedding. It was exactly how I envisioned it, but better.
    Thank you Kevin! I’d recommend you to anyone for their event!!!

    Emily Keegan
    Email Address: emkeegan@gmail.com
    Home Telephone Number: 315-559-7241

    Wedding Reception

    October 10th 2009

    Dibbles Inn, Verona

    New York

    WOW!! AMAZING!! We had our wedding just a few days ago and people are still asking who the DJ was and where we found him. Everyone LOVED him! The dance floor was PACKED all night long.  People sat down only long enough to get a drink and to catch their breath. Kevin Colangelo was my DJ and he was courteous, very professional and FULL of great ideas!  When we first called Kevin about being our DJ, I was looking for price - not necessarily quality.

    I'm super glad that Kevin convinced us to meet with him before giving us a quote.  He drove 45 minutes to my house just for a meeting! No strings attached.  He came prepared to answer questions and give suggestions on everything from music to seating arrangements, never once asking or hinting at signing a contract on the spot.  If Kevin hadn't insisted on a meeting, I may have gotten a DJ that I disliked or didn't mesh with my husband and I just because I was being frugal with the budget.  Turns out that Kevin worked out in budget and completely EXCEEDED my expectations! The DJ is a very important part of the party... without a great working relationship with him/her, your reception could be a disaster.  I want to thank Kevin and his assistant from the bottom of my heart for making my wedding reception what it was.  Spectacular uplighting that made the room perfect, great music all night long and an great sense of fun from Kevin all made my wedding reception the huge hit that it was!

    Jamie and Scott Hollenbeck

    Email for reference


    Wedding Reception

    September 6th 2009

    Herman Weiner Vineyard, Fingerlakes,

    New York

    Kevin and his assistant, Mike, put on an incredible show at our wedding, and we had tons of guests coming up to us and asking us where we found our DJ/MC. Because we had spent several hours planning the course of the evening with Kevin, he was really able to tailor the music exactly to our taste. He fit in many of our requests at the perfect time, and even went out of his way to find special versions of several songs that we had requested but that he didn’t previously have on file (including the coolest version of “Sunrise Sunset” ever by Louis Armstrong. As an MC, Kevin was very charming, and captured the attention of our guests while at the same time keeping his presence fairly discreet.

    Special touches that went incredibly well:

    -The father/daughter dance started out with just the bride and her father, and then during the last 1/3 of the song, Kevin called out all fathers and daughters to come onto the dance floor. The same for the mother/son dance. This was very popular and meant that the dance floor went from 2 people to 20 people, then about 200 people within the course of 3 minutes. Great transition!

    -Lighting was very cool

    -The alternative garter toss, where the roles are reversed and the lady pushes the garter, was hilarious, and everyone loved it.

    -The anniversary dance, where the dancing couples gradually get eliminated based on being married for less time that others, was very exciting, and some of the older couples that were outlasting others, were so excited to have their moment in the spotlight.

    -Everything went so smoothly. Once the dancing started, you couldn’t keep the guests off the dance floor. It was packed all night. As Kevin promised, we ended on a high notes, with energetic dancing until the end. We had to ask guests to leave.

    -Great overall attention to detail, and succinct keeping to the schedule.

    Thanks for helping make our wedding turn out so perfectly. We couldn’t be happier.

    Jeff and Melissa DuBois

    Wedding Reception

    September 11th 2009

    Six Mile Creek Vineyard, Ithaca

    New York

    The evening was full of many pleasant surprises, the lighting during our indoor ceremony being the first of those.  Colors of soft, fluid light, grazed the walls of the intimate tasting room of the vineyard, which is where our ceremony took place.  We were counting on an outdoor ceremony but moved indoors due to rain.  Of all the visits my fiancÚ and I had made to the location during the planning of our wedding, I had never seen it look so majestic! A great deal of this was due to the artistry and expertise of Kevin and Co. We were actually quite thankful that things worked out as they did, which leads to another satisfying point of the evening: The decision to move the ceremony indoors was rather last minute, yet Kevin adjusted everything accordingly and comfortably.  Guests were saying of the ambience everything from, “It was awesome!” to “It looked like heaven in there,”

    The after-rain mist creeping in the vineyard outside the huge windows played a part as well, but it was incredible the way the weather and the lighting/mood accentuated one another.
    Kevin made every effort to inform myself and my husband of the events that were to take place, things that we spoke about/planned before such as the first dance, toasting, etc., as the night went on.  And I can only imagine the challenge of grabbing our attention as well as our guests, amid all of the excitement of the night!  I feel he succeeded in doing that.
    My father even mentioned the next day that he really appreciated the playlist.  I agreed that it was a balanced, energetic, fun array of songs; our" picks” from the on-line planner were often woven in as well, much to our appreciation.
    Kevin and his assistant were working with a space that was perhaps not as open as many weddings/events are.  Rather than having a central dance floor with tables all around, the tasting room had several partially divided sections.This I presume posed a challenge at times to get the maximum number of guests involved in the dance floor-oriented events. Then again with this set-up, guests  had the option of mingling, enjoying their coffee, etc. without an imposing sound system complicating things.  For those of us who wanted to boogie – the wedding party,my folks, some great aunts and uncles, the bride and groom- it was fabulous! We had a blast.
    All-in-all, we were pleased and even ecstatic at times, over the course of the evening. We realize the impact that the DJ has on the smoothness of such an event, after working with Kevin Colangelo’s DJ services.

    Charlene and Ron


    cil3Wedding Reception September 5th 2009

    Inn on the Lake, Canandaigua, Rochester New York

    Kevin provided exceptional service for our wedding in September of 2009.  He transformed the ball room and turned it into something beyond our expectations. The first time we walked in we couldn’t believe the lighting and set up job that Kevin and his crew created. Everybody including my 80yr old Grandmother was up dancing the whole night.  All night we were approached by our guests who repeatedly asked, “where did you get this DJ-he’s the best!” He was able to work within the guidelines of our venue, and he made sure that it would feel like it was our special night.  We highly recommend Kevin Colangelo and his team, and their fantastic services.
    Thanks again Kevin,

    Jason and Tiffany Forte

    Wedding Reception August 22nd 2009

    Club Shenandoah, Turning Stone Casino New York

    When we first met with Kevin we immediately became excited to have him as our DJ for our wedding. As the event drew closer it was easy to see that Kevin followed through with what he offers.  Never have I ever seen such professionalism, maturity and class with a DJ service.  Kevin and his assistant handled the evening so well…from start to finish everything ran smoothly. As I looked around the night of our reception I noticed that literally EVERYONE was on the dance floor, even people who swear they do not dance.  If you are looking for your reception or event to be “the best ever” definitely consider hiring Kevin, he will make it happen and follow through on his word. The reviews are still coming in for our reception…from the music selection to Kevin’s organization, the night was a hit!  You definitely get what you pay for with Kevin’s DJ service

    Kristin and Mike

    Kristin Rabbia, LMSW
    Liberty Resources

    Wedding Reception March 28th 2009

    Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse New York

    Kevin Colangelo and his team went above and beyond all of our expectations.  From the very first call, we knew we had found the perfect DJ for our wedding.  We were planning our New York wedding from Oklahoma and Kevin put our minds at ease by making amazing recommendations on photographers and other vendors.  Kevin also prepared a masterful and artistic slideshow for our guests that blew their minds.  It truly was memorable!  Kevin was always 100% professional, but still knew how to have fun.  He ensured that we didn't have to take care of anything when it came to our wedding day.  The sound system was phenomenal and his MC skills are truly something to be admired.  Everyone raved about how wonderful Kevin's services were.  Anthony and I will recommend Kevin and his Team to everyone we can.  Please feel free to contact me as a reference! And Thank you Kevin for making our Wedding such a special day!
    Lisandra & Anthony D'Agostino


    Wedding Reception -  May 23rd 2009

    Danielle’s, New Hartford, New York

    Hi Kevin,

    Jeremy and I would just like to say thank you so much for all of your help and information before and during the wedding!  We appreciated all of your tips, and guidance to try and make our wedding everything we wanted it to be and more.  Everything ran so smoothly, and was everything and more we expected it to be.  We did not have one minute during the whole night that the dance floor was not packed and that is exactly what we wanted!  Our surprise entrance we planned went perfectly and shocked everyone!  The up lighting was just beautiful, and really set the mood for the whole night, and was so classy.  (esp. on the sweetheart table)  We did not talk to one person the whole night and since the wedding who has not commented on how smoothly everything went, and how amazing the DJ was!

    Thanks for helping us with everything beforehand, and making the night run flawless!

    Attached is the picture of the entrance, I edited for you let me know if you would like any other pictures we have a bunch of everyone dancing with all of the lighting etc!

    Sincerely Alyssa Williams
    DeSimone Designs


    Wedding Reception June 12th 2009

    Buffalo New York

    Kevin Colangelo was by far the best DJ we have ever seen.  He made a wedding reception so much better then we could have ever imagined.  It was like something out of Vegas and when we walked in we became the show.  It was absolutely incredible!  We met with Kevin twice before our wedding and after the second time we actually got a little nervous because he really sounded TOO good to be true.  Let us assure anyone, he really is as good as he describes and he will do everything he says he will!  We would welcome anyone to contact us for a reference for him. 

    Thank you again Kevin for making our day even more special!

    Crystal Foy
    Home Telephone Number: 7166650795

    Wedding Review - January 2009 - Turning Stone Casino

    Kevin - Thank you!

    You truly did an outstanding job and people still rave about how great you were!

    You have a great thing going and I will keep you in mind for special events – let alone – recommend you to anyone and everyone getting married.

    Thank you again for your professionalism!  Top notch!

    Lisa Morrow

    VP, Galaxy Communications

    235 Walton Street

    Syracuse, NY  13202

    ph:   315.472.9111




    Wedding Review

    Bayshore Grove Wedding 08.24.08
    Hello Kevin,
    We are back from our honeymoon in Kauai - a little tired and more than a little sunburned! But we had a wonderful time!
    I can't thank you enough for all of your help and for your professionalism. From the moment we first contacted you it was obvious that you had our best interests at heart and that your goal was to help make everything perfect. And you did just that! You kept us on track and informed all the way through the wedding and you did it in such a stress-free way. You helped make the day for us and we could really tell just how very much you cared!
    Thank you again,
    Cynthia and Ray
    August 24, 2008

    Wedding 08/17/2008

    Sarissons on the Lake, Pen Yan New York

    Kevin Colangelo was a complete blast to have at my wedding, I had a smaller wedding ~100 people and the age ranges varied impeccably, Kevin Colangelo was able to have everybody up and dancing the entire night! Everyone after the wedding said that they had the best time they had ever had at a wedding reception. The DJ even knew that when one of my husbands friends who caught the garter was a little too much for my 18 year old cousin without saying a word or missing a beat he reversed it so that my cousin put the garter on him for the evening, it went well and I couldn't have been more pleased. I highly recommend Kevin Colangelo premier dj's I couldn't have wanted anything more on the most important day of my life...
    ~ Dr. Jennifer Gorenflo




    Wedding Reception 08.02.08

    Syracuse University Sheraton Hotel

    We would recommend Kevin to anyone who is planning their wedding. He helped in all aspects of our planning process, and his insight and experience was an incredible asset. Our reception was exactly how we had hoped that it would be! The dance floor was packed all night, and hardly anyone remained in their seat. He played the right music at the right time, and was able to accommodate our guests' taste all throughout the night! Everyone commented on how phenomenal the DJ was, and it made it worth every cent! Thank you Kevin and Co. for making our wedding reception everything that we dreamed it would be and more!!
    Amy & Paul




    Wedding Reception and Ceremony 08.03.08

    Carey Lake, Rochester

    Hi Kevin,

    I wanted to thank you SOOOO much for everything you did. The wedding was perfect and I have you to thank for that. I am just about to head out to the port to board our cruise ship but as soon as we return I will fill out the survey. I wanted to know if you could email me the processional for the girls, the instrumental of "beautiful day" or if by chance you offer the service of putting most of our wedding music on a cd for keepsake. There would be no hurry but Mike and I were thinking we wanted something like that and if you don't if we can get that song we can try to put it together. Let me know, and thank you again. Your are wonderful!!!

    Kirsten & Mike Perkins


    Wedding Reception 05.30.08

    The Manor, West Orange, New Jersey

    The dj service provided by Kevin Colangelo was great.  We received so many compliments on his quality service. 

    The video montage he created was simply amazing and we got so many compliments on his display. 

    I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or family.  His setup is by far the best I've ever seen. 

    Thank you once again.

    Jason Skei




    Wedding Reception 04.19.08

    Harry's Harbor Buffalo New York

    Let me just say that Kevin Colangelo was the best DJ I have ever seen. I have been to plenty of weddings and other events that had DJ's, and never have I made or heard a comment about how good the DJ was. At my wedding, I had at least 20 people come up to me and ask where I found him, and how amazing he was. While the service cost more than the other DJ services I checked out, it was well worth the money and Kevin was excellent to work with.
    Kevin was very professional and is extremely knowledgeable about weddings. He had numerous suggestions to make our wedding better and we used many of them. Most DJs show up and play. Kevin helped us get the most out of our wedding. He showed up 5 hours before the reception to set up and has extremely high quality equipment.
    Kevin was wonderful to work with during the wedding, he played everything that was requested and had a great surprise song for the finale.

    Michael Ogostino


    Wedding Reception 3.29.08

    Devils Thumb Ranch, Tabernash, Colorado

    Kevin Colangelo's services are outstanding. First, Kevin himself is professional and responsive throughout the planning process and during the reception. His song selection and elegant service kept people on the dance floor all night. And he stayed an extra hour because everyone wanted more. His equipment is sharp. The music is clear and undistorted. His lighting spotlighted several things throughout the evening. The scene he set for our first dance was perfect. The wedding was three weeks ago and we continually receive complements on our DJ. You must consider Kevin the DJ and MC your event. Ohh, he cares very much to do an outstanding job. Our wedding was in the mountains of Colorado. We had several feet of snow and ice. His son broke the ice and shoveled it from the deck for our grand entrance into the reception site. The reception would not have been as smooth with anyone else.

    Aaron and Janelle Frey


    Wedding Reception

    2.23.08 in Connecticut

    Kevin was a complete professional from start to finish. He worked diligently to make our wedding a complete success. Kevin spent several hours gathering information on what we wanted for our wedding - and also gave us plenty of ideas for music and activity's we could use during our event. Kevin called us the week prior to our wedding to review everything from the names of the wedding party, the flow of the wedding, song selections and so on.
    When it came to the event itself- Kevin arrived a day in advance and was at the venue in the early afternoon setting up. He working hand in hand with the staff at the venue to make sure everyone was on the same page. During the event- Kevin came to us a few times to ensure we were satisfied, and if there was anything in particular we wanted to hear- or anything he could do. His equipment was great- sound was awesome and lighting effects really added to the show! Song selections were great- and we liked ability to select songs in advance thru his website-
    We would highly recommend Kevin to anyone- he takes great pride in his job, and really works hard to make his clients wedding day the best it can be.

    Wedding Reception

    1/19/08 in Ohio

    I wanted to thank you once again for a great wedding.  EVERYBODY, including myself and Sheri had a great time.  Everything was perfect!!!!!  People loved your setup, love the music choices, and loved your attitude.  Every Sheri said she loved how you continued to remind people why there were there.  "Give it up for Sheri and here wedding day", after she would rock out on the dance floor, "look at the happy couple on there day"  Every thing was great.  I wish I had more time to talk to you and get to know you more, but there is never enough time a a wedding. 

    Thanks again, and please allow ANYONE to email me with questions. 

    I would love to continue to recommend you for their services. 

    Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Sheri Frank


    Wedding Reception

    11/2/07 Landmark, New Jersey

    Dear Kevin,

    Happy New Year and I  hope your holidays were good.  Brian and I just wanted to say thank you.  You really made our wedding something to talk about!!  I couldn't believe how packed the dance floor was all night long.  We had chosen you and your company based on your web site and by the way you spoke to me the first time I called you.  You had a presence about you that made everything seem ok.  You had all the answers to my questions and had really great ideas. The only stressful factor about it was hearing from everyone, "did you hear him in person?"  And my answer was always the same, NO.  I didn't feel I had to hear you in person after viewing your web site and reading the reviews from everyone.  You can't always make people happy but we sure were.
    I just have to say that you were more than I thought you could be.  You did everything to ease my mind and I knew that We had made the right choice.  The way you had everything scheduled and were able to change a few things on the spot made everything go smoothly. The dramatics of the bubbles and the lights really added a flare to the reception.  Your accent alone makes it something else too.  We really appreciated how you spoke to us and it seemed like we had know you our whole lives. The centerpiece give away was the best!  The way you kept the dancing going was also amazing.  The whole night just flowed and it was all orchestrated by you.
    So, thank you so much and again and we were so happy to have you be such an intricate and important part of out wedding.


    Dana and Brian Kornas

    Wedding Reception

    8/11/07 in New Jersey

    Dear Kevin,

    My husband and I wanted to say thank you for the great job you did at our August 11, 2007 wedding. At the beginning of our wedding process, I wanted a DJ who would be able to blend two worlds- my Cambodian side and my husband's Italian side. I had high expectations for a wedding DJ, because I really wanted all of my guests to enjoy themselves and and have a great time by kicking of their shoes and dancing to the beat- I have numerous pictures of just that!  Kevin- you EXCEEDED our expectations! The dance floor was jam packed and you selected songs that appealed to all ages- a big plus for us! Our wedding day was made even more special by all the hard work and though you put into the planning and it showed that night- I received so many compliments on my DJ that I have recommended you to 5 of my girlfriends who are now engaged as well.

    If you ever need someone to give a recommendation for you, please do not hesitate to have that couple call me at 518-727-7514 or email- Sovonnay@gmail.com. I would be more than happy to. Once again, I apologize for not sending you a big thanks earlier. You made everyone at my wedding feel special and as one elderly couple said "The songs that we danced to tonight, made me feel so young!"

    Sincerely (and with heartfelt thanks),

    Sovonna and Benjamin Mancuso

    Living in New York City, we had a huge selection of DJs to choose from. But after finding Kevin on the Web and talking to him, we decided to hire him--all the way from Syracuse.
    Kevin is a very personable guy, and that charm and charisma really carries over to his job. He made our wedding feel like a grand event without stealing the show. He also played all of the music we requested and even added a few of his own selections that really enhanced our play list.
    Also, Kevin's sound system is top notch and had our guests dancing all night long.
    You will not find a more professional, easy to work with DJ around.

    Erik and Kristen


    Kevin, not just his company, were to the UTMOST in professionalism. I had a VERY complex and difficult wedding to accommodate-- an all-day outdoor event that was bilingual. His charm was appreciated, yet he was able to dictate to me what we needed to do to make the day run smoothly without acting or sounding pushy. I can almost say that I underpaid such a fine performance. Kevin, his assistant, and his company are your guide to a flawless, perfect day. I will remember this day for the rest of my life and not only only walked away with that, but also a friend. Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding his services.

    Jennifer LoMaglio Methot





    Dear Kevin

    One word- AWESOME!!! Hire Kevin and his team if you want a party!! We had a great experience with Kevin- he is energetic, fun, professional, and he will listen to your requests! Hiring Kevin was the best decision we made! Oh, and did I mention- he has a wonderful British accent!!!!

    Ali DeSimone










    Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys were selected to supply our DJs for the VIP Lounge on the 2008 Madonna Tour !




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