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The service was exceptional.  Stan went beyond our expectations.  He was very professional and everyone commented on how well he performed.  You are more than welcome on using me as a reference, also I am a State Police officer and have been telling everyone I know to use your services for parties or weddings.  Thank you for all your assistance over the last few months and thank Stan for making the reception a great night of dancing and fun.
Brandon Sellers


Good Morning!!!
I'd love to answer your questions!  I actually emailed Randy thanking him for sending Ed Selinski for our reception!
When we met with ED it was exceptional!  He is an awesome guy.  Great Personality, Really fun and even got out to show the "OLD TIMERS" who thought they knew the "electric slide"...he showed them how to do it, and my mother made the comment that she liked the fact that he came out to interact with them!  WE LOVED HIM!
You most certainly may use us as a reference for future clients!  I would be more than glad to do whatever you need to promote Ed for future services on his behalf!  I've actually already recommended him to some of my friends. 
Please feel free to contact me anytime you need via phone or email!
Thank you again, and again for sending Ed!  He was wonderful!
Tiffany and Kyle Hilton

Cell 240-286-9018

work 301-683-4031

Thanks, service was great. I would definitely use you again. I recommend your company - you may use me as a reference. 

Alan McMillian


Our DJ was great. He kept the reception moving. Yes you have my permission to use me as a reference for your future clients. Thanks

Jaime Valker


Our experience with our DJ was fabulous!  We were so pleased with the service your company provided.  Our DJ, Terri, was excellent!  She not only showed up early, but checked in hours before to make sure she knew where she was going and to simply introduce herself.  We were, overall, very satisfied with everything, and the music selection was great too!

Yes, you may use our reference for future clients.

Heather (Williams) and Mike Allen


Our DJ experience was wonderful.  Ken Stout was great!  He played everything we wanted, kept the party moving and coordinated a lot of the event. You may use us as a reference for sure. Thanks very much.          

Jamil and Lindsay Adler


I had Scott Bell for our DJ. and we thought he was terrific.  He did the music for the ceremony which was a selection that I picked and lasted 3 minutes but we needed 4 minutes so he arranged the piece to work at 4 minutes and it was  perfect!  He kept everything going smoothly from the announcements, toasts, first dance to the last dance.  I would be glad to be a reference for your company and would highly recommend your services.
Sheila Meyer

We loved the service at the wedding reception.  The DJ was very organized and kept the event running smoothly.  Susan was very professional and treated everyone wonderfully.  You can use us for a reference if you would like.

Corina (Sullivan) and David


Our DJ Michael was absolutely fantastic. Our entire party of about 75 kept the dance floor full dancing all nightlong. His announcements, etc. were great and their was never a dull moment. I am glad I chose your services as this was a very special night. You can use me as a reference for anyone. I did a lot of shopping around for prices and yours was one of the lowest which scared me but in the end I made the best choice. I would not have changed anything about that night.
Kathy Lafreeda
949-426-7888 ext. 124
949-701-7310 (cell)

Our DJ did a good job at both of our events. 

He was responsive, on time, followed our wishes and contributed to our successful event.  I would use Kevin Colangelo DJs in the future.  I would be glad to be used as a reference.
Allyn Davies

877-392-6278 ext. 25 (day)

He was awesome. Whatever we asked of him he did. He kept the party going all night. In fact I have a few clients and friends that want his #. Thank you so much for everything.

Nichole and Mark Plucinski

P.S yes you can use me as reference

Nicole (Strickland) and Mark Plucinski


The DJ. And music selection were superb. Thank you and I hope we can work together in the future

Gloria Waggoner

970-641-7700 ext. 3601

I think the DJ. did an outstanding job.

Wedding Reception 9/23/06

Kenneth and Migdalia Roussel


I have to tell you that not only were we very pleased with our direct contact with yourself and others at Kevin Colangelo's, but we were thrilled with Shawn as well!!!!  He was extremely personable, thorough, timely and fun, yet professional!  He even remained calm during our party when a storm kicked up and began blowing poles from a tarp into his equipment!  (I panicked, but he didn't!!!!)  Your site was easy to use, and the rapid response from you, Shawn and others was terrific.  Others that we contacted were professional, but bordered on extremely stuffy.  Everyone with Kevin Colangelo's was very professional, yet easy-going.  It was exactly what we were looking for!  Please feel free to use us as a reference and thanks to you and Shawn for all of your help as well as a good time!!
Patty Wolfinger


"Excellent , the best DJ  we have had in my nine years tenure"

Col. Ammons

The DJ Ross Brown was absolutely fantastic.

The party was really great!! and yes you can use me as a reference!

Helese Sandler



Ron was so incredible he transformed himself to a close friend of the wedding. We felt we knew him closely and he was their to make our day great.He did just that.  He was amazing.I would highly recommend him for anything you plan.
Tripp Mayhew

We enjoyed our experience with Kevin Colangelo DJ services.  They did a great job for our wedding and would recommend them to anyone who needs a DJ.  DJ was fantastic.  Thank you for setting up with a great service.

Josh True, MA, ATC, CSCS

Erika (Flanders) and Josh True


I was thrilled with the performance of La Shay, he did a wonderful job.  He got people up and moving.  I would recommend him to all my friends in the future.  You can use me as a reference. 

Lynette McNeill


Actually this is my second experience with Kevin Colangelo DJ's. Our company we used you all for our Christmas party last year and it was a big hit. Sure you can use me as a reference.
Lisa Jefferson


Greg is certainly an asset to your company. He handled everything expertly and was very accommodating to our every need. I also enjoyed our conversations and found him to be a very well versed musician. I am a guitarist and played the trumpet in high school so we talked a bit about his jazz band and where he played. It was truly a pleasurable experience.  If it has to do with Greg  you can by all means use us as a reference.

Thanks Todd and Christine Greene

Todd Greene and Christine (Scanlon) Greene

Richard was great! We were so lucky to get him. He went above and beyond and most of my family said it was one of the most fun weddings they had been to in years. Thanks so much!
LeAnne Lessard


Operations Specialist |  Client Extended Services
phone: 763.212.5665 |  fax: 763.212.5747

Emily and I wanted to just take a moment to let you know that our event last weekend was absolutely wonderful.  We received MANY compliments and comments regarding Jeremy and music/show he put on.  He was prompt, professional, dressed very nicely, and played exactly what we were looking for.  The dance floor was kept full the entire evening.  I overheard him turn a request down because it wasn't what we'd prefer, very much appreciated.  Anyway, feel free to use us as a reference if needed in the future, we were VERY impressed.  Thanks again, have a great weekend.

Hope that gives you the feedback you need. 

Eric Hudspith

Eric and Emily Hudspith


The service was incredible. I would be happy to give you a reference. Thank you
Averyll Depalmer



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Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys were selected to supply our DJs for the VIP Lounge on the 2008 Madonna Tour !




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