Alabama References

Alabama References

DJ Willie was great.  He serviced our every need for the wedding reception.  Great appearance and great music selection!

And, Yes, you may use me as a reference.

Thanks for everything!

Brittini Drawdy


Wedding Reception

Trussville Community Center in Trussville, AL

Thank you!

Chris and Linda Barnes

Tel: 303-280-9407

barnes.c@Comcast. net 

Wedding Reception

The Carraway-Davie House, Birmingham AL



Brian and I both enjoyed the service provided by your representative. He was on time and prepared for the reception. We got the opportunity to speak with him and he was more than willing to accommodate to all of our requests. Thank you again for a wonderful day!!

Jennifer Sanders


Wedding Reception

Jerry Balk Activity Center in Tuscaloosa, AL




Arizona References

Arizona References

Steve was absolutely wonderful.  I wish I could have been there for his whole performance, but we missed about 95% of our reception due to a car accident that caused a 30 mile back up on I-17.  But our friends and family raved about him and he was very professional every time we spoke with him.

I called you guys for my older sister's wedding last year and she was very happy, we called you for our own wedding this year and were very happy, and we have recommended you to a friend - she loved our DJ and will be giving you a call in the future!

You may absolutely use us as a reference.  Any time my friends need a DJ, I'm sending them your way!
Kiely (Ziegler) and Casey Barrett


Wedding Reception

Home address in Gilbert, AZ

Yes, you may use us as references for future clients.  We were very pleased with our DJ Mark Gearhart and our service in general from your company. 
Mark played music the kids liked and didn't switch types

of music, like my daughter said happened with some disc jockeys at other parties.  Thanks!
Debbie Hendrix

Graduation Party Mesa, AZ


Thanks, the service was great.  I would definitely use you again.  I would recommend your company and you may use me as a reference. 

Alan McMillian

Alan McMillian


Birthday Party Cave Creek, AZ


Ron was on time, set up quickly and was very polite.   Everybody enjoyed the music. Ron was very nice. Overall I was very satisfied with both the service and the DJ.

If you would like to use me as a reference that would be fine. No phone calls please. Only email. 

Kay King

St. Mary’s High School Cafeteria in Phoenix, AZ

20th year Reunion


Overall I though he did an excellent and professional job. He made sure that our needs were met.

I would have no problem at all referring him. He made sure we had fun and our usually ''conservative'' group had a crowd on the dance floor all night.

Thank you for the follow up.

Keith Howard

Activity Club President 2005!

Keith Howard


Holiday Party

Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix, AZ


Arkansas References

Arkansas References

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

California References

California References

I was very happy with Ken, he was excellent. Everyone loved him. He played the right music. Had everything requested and played everything at the perfect time.  Was very professional and early for setup. Just as I wanted.  Please use me as a reference.

Thank you so much for getting him for us.

Saundra Friedberg

Bakersfield, CA


My Halloween party was better than ever... we were only a small group, maybe 30, and everyone danced all night.  This is the 3rd year we have had a party, the first time using a DJ.  Our friends told us that this was the best party because of the DJ... we had such a blast and the DJ kept everyone moving ALL night... thank you so much... I already told Ken to make sure to "hold" the Saturday before Halloween for next year!

Lindsay McNally

Halloween Party

Lindquist Residence in Oakland, CA


The DJ was very cooperative and had an excellent choice of music.  The most important part for us was that he was able to adapt to our needs without much trouble.  I would definitely be willing to give a good
reference if needed.  Aaron was an excellent part of our ceremony.  A good person.

Brandon Mitchell


Wedding Reception
Beach House in Catalina Islands

Terri was great. She arrived early and was prepared and professional.
We would use them again.
Yes-you can use me as a reference.

Mari Davis
Calera Winery in Hollister, CA

Terrie was terrific.  The distance factor was a concern, but she always kept in touch.  We also had a late change in boats.  Terrie worked with the new company, and it went well.
Please feel free to use me (us) as a reference.  Thank you for helping make our party a memorable event.  Ed and Cori
Ed Austin

Wedding Reception and Ceremony

San Diego, CA

Our experience with our DJ was fabulous!  We were so pleased with the service your company provided.  Our DJ, Terri, was excellent!  She not only showed up early, but checked in hours before to make sure she knew where she was going and to simply introduce herself.  We were, overall, very satisfied with everything, and the music selection was great too!

Yes, you may use our reference for future clients.

Heather (Williams) and Mike Allen

303-768-9700 (day)

Wedding Reception

Private residence in Rancho Mirage, CA


I had Scott Bell for our DJ. and we thought he was terrific.  He did the music for the ceremony which was a selection that I picked and lasted 3 minutes but we needed 4 minutes so he arranged the piece to work at 4 minutes and it was  perfect!  He kept everything going smoothly from the announcements, toasts, first dance to the last dance.  I would be glad to be a reference for your company and would highly recommend your services.
Sheila Meyer

Wedding Reception

Maderas Golf Club in Poway, CA


It was great, the experience was better than I thought it would be. and yes you can use me as a  reference.

Christian Cox

Lego Land in Carlsbad, California


Wedding Reception


Ken Stout, our DJ, was absolutely amazing! Ken was on time, pleasant to our guest, and had every song we asked for and more. Our reception was four hours long and their was never a dull or awkward moment. While we were eating Ken played solo on his saxophone, and as soon as Ken noticed the children getting restless he played children's songs so all the kids could dance while their parents finished eating. I could not imagine my wedding reception without Ken. My new husband is not much of a dancer but he danced the entire time. My family isn't much for dancing but everyone was out of their seats and on the dance floor. We had a great time Ken and the music was perfect. Thank you so much!!!!!!!! If you need a reference I am an email away. 


Misty Hansen

Wedding Reception

Sardine Factory Restaurant in Monterey, CA


Karl was great. We are very happy with his work.

Everybody was very happy. Thank you so much.
Yes, you can use us as reference.

Jason & Sylvia Lannucci


Sylvia  and Jason Lannucci
Wedding Reception

Orcutt Ranch in West Hills, CA

Michael and I were so pleased with our DJ, Ken Stout. He was simply wonderful and we will definitely recommend his services. He was prompt, friendly, professional, and played everything we asked. We received ongoing compliments throughout the evening from guests who loved the music and his saxophone playing. Thank you for making our wedding night perfect!
Rebecca and Michael Divita

Michael and Rebecca Divita


Wedding Reception

Inn of the Spanish Garden in Santa Barbara, CA

The service was super great and yes you can use me as a reference

Birthday Party

Client’s home in Woodland Hills, CA

Caroline Moralli


Ken was great. He was a pleasure to work with. From the start he wanted to make sure our event went well.
He kept the crowd entertained. When people were not dancing to a song played, he immediately changed the song. He was very in "tune" with the crowd. This was very good because we had a very diverse group, but Ken managed to meet our dancing needs. I would recommend him highly.
Yes, I can be contacted for references.
Thank you,
Marcia Reyes
City Clerk Assistant
City of Kerman
850 S. Madera Avenue
Kerman, CA 93630
Marci Reyes
Corporate Event
City of Kerman in Kerman, CA

We would highly recommend the service.  You're welcome to have potential clientele contact us.

Maria (Sena) and Kevin Aeschlimann


Wedding Reception

Orcutt Ranch in Canoga Park, CA

Dale was just fabulous. He was very personable, and stayed in touch with m every step of the way. His friend, Cassandra, helped out so much with the guests at our event, and they both made everyone feel a part. They both were very sensitive to our needs and the dynamics of our group. I highly recommend Dale and would very much encourage others to hire him for their event. They even came dressed up!

Janet Nevins

480-415-0370 (cell phone)
Birthday Party

Embassy Suites in La Quinta, CA

Our DJ was great. He made sure that we had something to drink at all times, and he kept the reception moving. Yes you have my permission to use me as a reference for your future clients. Thanks

Jaime Valker


Wedding Reception/Ceremony

Oak Grove Regional Park in Stockton, CA


Our DJ experience was wonderful.  Ken Stout was great! 

He played everything we wanted, kept the party moving

and coordinated a lot of the event. 

You may use us as a reference for sure.

Thanks very much.          

Jamil and Lindsay Adler


Wedding Reception and Ceremony

Felton Guild – Redwood in Felton, CA


We loved the service at the wedding reception. 

The DJ was very organized and kept the event running smoothly.  Susan was very professional and treated everyone wonderfully.  You can use us for a reference if you would like.

Corina (Sullivan) and David


Wedding Reception

Eagles Hall in CA


Our DJ Michael was absolutely fantastic. 

Our entire party of about 75 kept the dance floor full dancing all nightlong. His announcements, etc. were great and their was never a dull moment. I am glad I chose your services as this was a very special night.

You can use me as a reference for anyone. I did a lot of shopping around for prices and yours was one of the

lowest which scared me but in the end I made the best choice. I would not have changed anything about that night.
Kathy Lafreeda
949-426-7888 ext. 124
949-701-7310 (cell)
Surprise Birthday Party for Michael
Laguna Niguel, CA


Your service as a DJ at my wedding was great!!! I really liked and appreciated the type of music you played and all the help you put in with planning the reception. I am really glad I had your help, otherwise who knows how the reception would have turned out! Your positive smiles were very contagious and great things is all I heard about your work. Thank you very much! I would not mind being a reference for you and the company.

The only problem you might encounter is that I am in Guam and it costs a lot to call here. If you would still like to list me as a reference, my phone number is 671-646-3101 and you are more then willing to have someone email me if need be. Thanks again for all your help!

God Bless!

Lynn (Mathews) and Edward Hawley

671-646-3101 (Guam)

Wedding Reception Rancho Canada Golf Club in Carmel, CA


Excellent- Terri Stout was very professional, helpful and friendly.  I would surely recommend the DJ and your company

to anyone.

Christine (Grider) and Michael Waiczis
Terrie Stout as DJ
Wedding Reception
Hope Lutheran Church in Fresno, CA

Randy did a wonderful job. We had some party crashers and he helped us to handle the situation wonderfully. It was a joy working with him again and would recommend him to anyone planning a party.
Patty Kress
First Health Service
Patricia Kress

Holiday Party for the First Health Services Corporation

Grand Sierra (Reno Hilton) in Reno, Nevada


Colorado references

Colorado references

We are just returning from the party, and we had a positively wonderful time. Trevor did a great job, and everyone had a blast.

Cathy Mays



Doubletree Hotel in Denver, CO

Our DJ did a good job at both of our events. 

He was responsive, on time, followed our wishes and contributed to our successful event.  I would use Kevin Colangelo DJs in the future.  I would be glad to be used as a reference.
Allyn Davies

877-392-6278 ext. 25 (day)
Meeting Coordinator
440-343-0477 (cell)
216-674-0650 (fax)

Corporate Event for Merry Meeting, Inc .
Denver Marriott in CO


We thought the DJ was great!  He did a great job at engaging the entire room.  He didn't forget anything I asked of him and really made the effort to please us.  He was very outgoing and comfortable in his role.  He was friendly and took pictures and offered to send them to us ~ which I thought was very cool!
Yes, you absolutely may use us as a reference to future clients.
Thank you!
Heather Endes
Accenture Technology Solutions
Systems Analyst - Denver Location/West Region
Octel 359/5424

Wedding Reception

Table Mountain Inn in Golden, CO


The DJ. And music selection were superb.
Thank you and I hope we can work together in the future

Gloria Waggoner

970-641-7700 ext. 3601

Homecoming Dance

Gunnison High School in CO


Our DJ was Scooter, and we loved him.  We went into the night with some lingering concerns after a bad DJ at our previous Holiday party.  But Scooter listened to my concerns and did a great job of accommodating our needs.  He was professional, accommodating, and eager to please.  The music was great, and everyone agreed that he did a great job

Holiday Party

Westin Westminster in CO


I'll be happy to share my comments and thanking for asking. Our overall experience was great. Our dj was wonderful and a pleasure to work with. From the time the dancing started our guest were on the floor all night. I heard that days later when our wedding party stayed to clean up people were still dancing. I would recommend your services and yes you may use me as a reference for future clients. My pleasure.

Have a great day!

LaTasha Cartwright  

LaTasha Cunningham

480-218-2473 work

480-570-4224 eve

Wedding Reception
Carson, CO


I just wanted to let you know that Tim did a GREAT job for us at my father 80th birthday party.  Everyone had a

wonderful time and I know that enjoyed Tim because we

had several request for his business card. Thanks!
Debora L. McClain
Phone:  907-786-3481
Fax:       907-786-3847
Chief, Budget and Finance Office
1011 E Tudor Road, MS 141
Anchorage, AK  99503

80th Birthday

Avada Center, Avada


He was awesome. Whatever we asked of him he did. He kept the party going all night. In fact I have a few clients and friends that want his #. Thank you so much for everything.

Nichole and Mark Plucinski

P.S yes you can use me as reference

Nicole (Strickland) and Mark Plucinski


Wedding Reception

Executive Tower in Denver, CO


Very nice, polite, easy to work with and he did a great job!!!   Thanks so much!

Linda Nichols


School Dance

Classical Academy in Colorado Springs, CO


Connecticut References

Connecticut References

DJ was awesome - he contacted me prior to the event -we discussedappropriate music for the age group.  He interacted with the kids,playing their requests.
I was impressed that Kevin Colangelo call me directly to ensure all wasready for the event.
Yes you may use me as a reference.
Jean M. Kostak, M.S., R.D., CD-N, C.D.E.
Diabetes Education Specialist - Program Coordinator
University of Connecticut Health Center
263 Farmington Avenue
Dowling South Suite C-200
Farmington, CT  06030-6220
Tel. 860-679-2273

8th Grade Graduation
Bachi's in Torrington, CT

Vinny did a great job at the wedding and after going
through the process I would definitely use him again.
Yes you can definitely use me as a reference. I was very satisfied with your services.
Matthew Schenkman and Kali Jacobson
Ellen Michaels
408-264-0108 ext. 112

Wedding Reception and Ceremony

Lily Lake Inn in Wolcott, CT

Prompt, professional, wonderful!!! Thank you for making my son's party a memory to truly treasure.
Yes, I am happy to have my name used as a reference.
Bainton McCarthy LLC
-Attorneys at Law-
46 Southfield Avenue
Three Stamford Landing Suite 360
Stamford, CT 06902-7236
Telephone (203) 655-1900
Facsimile (203) 655-2210
Main Office: 26 Broadway, 24th Fl, New York, NY 10004
LI Office: 320 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip, NY 11722
NJ Office 744 Broad St, Newark, NJ 07102

The dj was really good i would use him again he played everything we asked him to thank you again

Lisa Daniels

Lisa Dubay (Daniels)


Wedding Reception

American Legion in CT


I will say that Jay did an Awesome job

He was very polite with myself and all of my guest.  He conducted himself very well.  We were all very pleased with Jay. He was great with the kids and his candy filled limbo stick. That was a big hit.  He played everything that we had wanted and then some.  He was there on time. Actually he was there 2 hours early.   I had no complaints at all and I had told him that I would love for him to DJ for us again if he was available.  You can let Kevin know that Jay was the best DJ that we have seen in a long time.  Thank You very much for a wonderful time.

Kevin Clark


P.S.  You can use me fro a reference any time you need one.  Also please keep my info in your files.  We will be using you for our wedding in the near future.

30th Birthday Party

Maennachor Club in Norwich, CT

I think the DJ. did an outstanding job.

Wedding Reception

Kenneth and Migdalia Roussel


Bobrinka Rinks in Colebrook,


I have to tell you that not only were we very pleased with our direct contact with yourself and others at Kevin Colangelo's, but we were thrilled with Shawn as well!!!!  He was extremely personable, thorough, timely and fun, yet professional!  He even remained calm during our party when a storm kicked up and began blowing poles from a tarp into his equipment!  (I panicked, but he didn't!!!!)  Your site was easy to use, and the rapid response from you, Shawn and others was terrific.  Others that we contacted were professional, but bordered on extremely stuffy.  Everyone with Kevin Colangelo's was very professional, yet easy-going.  It was exactly what we were looking for!  Please feel free to use us as a reference and thanks to
you and Shawn for all of your help as well as a good time!!
Patty Wolfinger


Retirement Party
Private residence in New Hartford, CT


Delaware References

Delaware References

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Florida References

Florida References

May 20th 2011 Wedding Reception

Oceanfront Banquet Center, Palm Beach Shores, FL
Review: I contacted Kevin in January 2011 and explained that I was looking for a DJ to play the music of my choosing for a party of 100-150. He was very accommodating and even spent time on the phone listening to my situation. I ended up going with another DJ suggested by my wedding planner, but when that fell through in April--a month before the wedding--I was back in touch with Kevin and suggested a DJ that took care of our needs from beginning to end. Kevin and his DJ were immaculate professionals and SAVED OUR WEDDING! We had a great party and our DJ played exactly what we wanted to hear! 
Marc Kantrowitz

It was wonderful service. Everyone was very pleased. He was very accommodating.

Wedding Reception

Kelli Russell


The Pensacola Garden Center in Pensacola, FL

Danny Sommers from FL as DJ

The DJ Dan Palattella was just wonderful! We had some problems with the reception and the cooker but Dan just kept going without interruptions and he was such a natural. He arrived early and setup so quickly and neatly and takedown went smoothly too. Our service with the Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys was excellent. They stayed in touch so much and made sure everything was set. It was superb overall. The response to our request for a DJ was handled so quickly since time was short for us and they took care of everything. I would recommend Dan Palattella and Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys for any event. Yes you can use us as a reference.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Muldoon

(Judy Musso)

Wedding Reception

YMCA Beach Pavilion

Lyons Beach

Moncks Corner


Willy did great he was dressed nicely in a suit.

Setup didn't take long and he played all the music that was requested - some was very very old from the 50's 60's.The kids liked him as well - he played all the songs that they like to dance too - you can use us for a reference.

Dee Siler


Wedding Anniversary
Chautagua Center

Defuniak Springs


The DJ did a great job and kept things moving and humorous.  He was definitely a hit.  I was apprehensive since I live in Ohio and did this all long distance, not having any idea of his performance.  I have to say that everyone was extremely pleased and had a great time.   

I would be more than happy to refer to him and be a reference.


Wedding Reception The Clubhouse - Seagrass

Port St. Joe


The overall service was great. The party was a huge success and we received many compliments about how good DJ Gary was. Even with the few hiccups we had at the beginning, Gary took care of them with no problem and had a solution for everything. Of course you can use us as a reference.

Thanks again for the great service!

Take care



Wedding Reception

Barbara Marie Espinosa

Home address in Weston FL

For the overall service we were satisfied.  It worked as planned and promised which was a huge relief.  

Although your service costs a bit more it was well

worth it in the end.   The DJ we had worked out as well.  You never know until you are midway through the reception whether or not you are satisfied with the DJ. 

Depending on what is required to be a reference

customer we would have no problem being a reference.

Scott Prescott

**contact info private

Wedding Reception

Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort and Spa  South Destin


The DJ's  did a great job!

Chad Starr

Birthday Party

Private residence in Longwood,





Mike Angelikoussis


Sweet 16 Clearwater


We were very happy with our dj service, everything was as planed. Yes you can use me as a reference
for future clients.

Rosario Gonzalez

Wedding Reception
Vilas Restaurant







Tina Palomaki

Wedding Reception

Naples Golf and Beach Resort


Hi!  I really enjoyed our DJ, he did a great job. Everyone loved the music. Yes, I will refer Kevin Colangelo DJs. 

Jessica Byrd and Jeremy


Wedding Reception

Walton Beach


We had a great experience with the DJ's that came out to do our wedding on the 19th of Nov in Naples- DJ Johnny and his assistant. Everything went really well. Johnny was great!

Yes, you can use us as references!


Kristen and William Hinman

Kristen Fehrer


Wedding Reception

Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Resort



"Excellent , the best DJ  we have had in my nine years tenure"

Col. Ammons

Military Ball (JROTC) 
Taylor High School



Jerry was great.  We had some unexpected things happen as usually happen when there is a surprise involved, but he rolled with the punches and handled everything beautifully.  I would recommend Jerry to anyone and everyone.  I know if I was doing another party, he would be there playing my music again..
Thanks for everything . . . I'd be happy to help with references.

Helen Roettele


Surprise Birthday Party
Westgate River Ranch


I received a great value for the service. I have zero complaints. Communications were great.

Planning a wedding 1400 miles away is difficult.

Finding your service simplified matters greatly.

Feel free to use me as a reference.
Patrick Riley

317-372-2044 cell

765-286-2224 office

765-552-7282 home

Wedding Reception

Hawks Cay Resort

Duck Key




Georgia References

Georgia References

The guys that were at our party were an absolute blast and I would highly recommend them to anyone and hope to use them again in the future.

Amanda McDaniel


Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

American Legion Post 123 in Lexington, GA

The DJ Ross Brown was absolutely fantastic.

The party was really great!! and yes you can use me as a reference!

Helese Sandler



Bar Mitzvah

Orleans Hall in Savannah, GA


The DJ was GREAT!  Everyone commented on the DJ used. The wedding party was good and the DJ made it that way. Several people wanted their card so they could use them at functions they were planning.  Guest asked where I found them and I told them through Kevin Colangelo DJs. 

Yes you can use me as a reference.  If I ever need another I will get you.  Thanks..

Melodi Bennett and Joshua

706-202-0695 (cell)

706-543-3545 (day)

Wedding Reception

Lexington, GA



Hawaii References

Hawaii References

The overall service and Patrick was amazing.  He was so great in working with our group that everyone had a great time.  He also helped us with getting to know the island and where to go.  He was a hit.  Thank you Thank you

Please use us as a reference anytime you would like.

Kristina Tengesdal and Brad from Chicago, IL


Wedding Reception and Ceremony

Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute in Oahu,


Ron was so incredible he transformed himself to
a close friend of the wedding. We felt we knew him
closely and he was their to make our day great.
He did just that.  He was amazing.
I would highly recommend him for anything you plan.
Tripp Mayhew

Wedding Reception

Hyatt Regency Maui-Lahaina


Chuck was fantastic and our Crew Members loved him.

Justin Thulien


Pride of America Cruise Ship in Kahului Harbor, HI

Staff Party



Randy did an exceptional job at our wedding in Maui.

It is a true statement "that your dj will either break or

make your day". Randy made our day along with our guest. Everyone was very impressed. He had all the songs that were requested. I would recommend Kevin Colangelo's to anyone. Yes you can use me as a reference if you would like. Thank you

Kari Baseleon and Shawn Baseleon

Telephone 714-396-2712

Maui Wedding

Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa, Lahaina,



Idaho References

Idaho References

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Illinois References

Illinois References

IT was a great time, the DJ was early to setup, had every thing ready to go on time, The Dj sang while the guest were arriving, many guest where surprised that he sang, we started dinner late and then were rushing to get things in so people could start dancing and the Dj was very understanding anything we wanted was fine with him.
We had over 4 hours of music picked out, and he did not have one of the songs so he even went out and purchased it.
That was great on his part.
Yes most certainly we were very happy with the DJ and the service.

Sean and Karin Fortson


Wedding Reception

Cardinal Creek in Beecher, IL

The service was exceptional.  Stan went beyond our expectations.  He was very professional and everyone commented on how well he performed.  You are more than
welcome on using me as a reference, also I am a State Police officer in Illinois and have been telling everyone I know to use your services for parties or weddings.  Thank you for all your assistance over the last few months and thank Stan for making the reception a great night of dancing and fun.
Brandon Sellers

Wedding ReceptionBrandon Sellers

Governors Parkway in Carlyle,


I've been meaning to contact you to thank you.

We had a wonderful time and lots of guests commented on how good the two of you were. 

Thanks again, and thanks for the photos. 

We'll be sure to mention you to anyone we know who's looking for great entertainment at a party.

<Dan Hefter
(312) 224-1212 (Office phone)
(773) 274-5714 (Home phone)

Bar Mitzvah

Chicago, IL


Great Party!

Lauren Scheibe


Sweet 16

Chicago, IL



Duffy was great.  Loads of fun, excellent music, and well worth the investment. 

Yes you can use us as a reference.
Dr. B

Dr. Brian Rutecki
Halloween Party

Private residence in Naperville, IL

I had so many compliments on the their performance.  I had a few younger kids there and he made them balloons and he sang my husband and I a special song.
They were at the hall early and already set up before the required time.  Again, I was very impressed with Stan and would highly recommend him to anyone!
Brandi Rooks
Credit Analyst
Daimler Chrysler Truck Financial
Phone 800-659-4444 x 3047
Fax 800-873-4594

Brandi Rooks


Wedding Reception Tuckaway Terrace in Joliet, IL


Ruki played our song list and gladly took requests from

our guests. The dance floor was full all night long! My bridesmaid is getting married this year and is thinking

of using the same DJ.

Erica Byrnes

Telephone 312-375-9270

Wedding Reception

Chateau Bu-Sche, Alslp, Illinois



Iowa References

Iowa References

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Indiana References

Indiana References

We enjoyed our experience with Kevin Colangelo DJ services.  They did a great job for our wedding and would recommend them to anyone who needs a DJ.  DJ was fantastic.  Thank you for setting up with a great service.

Josh True, MA, ATC, CSCS

Erika (Flanders) and Josh True


Wedding Reception

Indianapolis State Museum in Indianapolis, IN


I was pleased with the over all service and DJ. I will refer you guys to others in the future.

Thank you for making the day go smoothly.


Angela Bickler


Wedding Reception

Holiday Inn, Michigan City



Eddie was fantastic!!!
He worked great with us, and completed an amazing
day! - I ended up spending more than I had hoped -and that made it a bit tough. Would I use him again? Definitely!
thanks again - great work!

Wedding Reception
Kristie (Cook) and Tom
Eve and Jaynes Irish Inn in Plymouth,

Kansas References

Kansas References

I was thrilled with the performance of La Shay, he did a wonderful job.  He got people up and moving.  I would recommend him to all my friends in the future.  You can use me as a reference. 

Lynette McNeill


Wedding Reception

Ramada Inn,



Kentucky References

Kentucky References

Everything went wonderful!!!!

San Dee Crabtree


General Karaoke Party
Red Hat Society in Louisville, KY



Louisiana References

Louisiana References

Our DJ was wonderful!!!  We had all age groups at the party, from the old folks (70's & 80's) down to the little ones (as young as 4) and there was music suited for all.  We actually had the 4 years old, a few 60 year olds and all ages in between on the dance floor at the same time.  There was a wonderful mix of tunes and I was thrilled and amazed to look around and see so many couples on the floor.
By all means, you can use me as a reference for future clients
Debbye Adkinson

318-445-6471 day
318-640-1113 eve
50th Wedding Anniversary
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, Pineville, LA



Our DJ, was excellent.  He had a wonderful music 
selection and light show.  He was also very well with the guests.  I 
would be more than happy to use him again.
Kasey Scallan

Corporate Event

University of Louisiana in Monroe, LA

Maine References

Maine References

hi, Kevin Colangelo DJ's was excellent. I will definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone looking for a dj. please let me know if you have anymore questions. Kathy

60th Birthday Party

Kathleen Vraux

Private home in Raymond, ME


Erich Kruger from ME as DJ

The DJ and the services were excellent. and yes you may use me as a reference in the future. thank you again.

Eric and Kelly Simcock


Wedding Reception

Exeter, Main


I was very pleased with the DJ services....the music I requested was played; music the DJ played was along the lines of what I like, and the dj's were professional, accessible at all times, and wonderful people to work with.  What amazed me most is I picked this service online, without meeting anyone, and I couldn't of been happier with the service I received.  Please us me as a reference! Tina Coburn

Tina Marie Roccia Coburn

Wedding Reception

Joseph’s By the Sea in Old Orchard Beach, ME


Maryland References

Maryland References

The DJ Vince, was a very nice person and played most of all the songs that I requested.We didn't know the pastor went home to catch the football game when he was suppose to be at the reception blessing the food.  Just little clichés but the DJ was cool every step of the way.  You may use us as a reference!  Take care and thank you for everything!

Samantha Smouse


Wedding Reception 10/20/07

Davidsonville Ruritan Cub in Davidsonville,


The service was very good,  we were very pleased...

Yes , you may use us as a reference.

Laura Chapman Fields


Wedding Reception



Tom Ohlendorf was my DJ for my event and he and Camille did a fantastic job.  My guests and I had a wonderful time and the activities and music he played were very well thought out and the evening went very smoothly.  Thank you very much.

Jocelyn Sams
Reznick Group, P.C.
7700 Old Georgetown Road
Suite 400
Bethesda, MD 20814-6224
(301) 718-7116
(301) 652-9100
(301) 718-7117


The party was great, the DJ was great, the music was great and yes, you may use us as a reference.  We really did have a good time.  The restaurant owner said that was the best party they had ever had in their establishment!

Thanks so much!!!!

Kim Mc Vickers

301-595-2992 work

301-662-4153 eve

George and Norma Brown as the guests of honor

50th Wedding Anniversary

Mangia’s Italia

n Grill in Woodstock, MD


"Everything was first rate - could have had more attendees but didn't ask you to provide them absolutely can use me as a reference"

Dan Morgenstern

Work703-698-550 - Cell703-307-5162

Sweet 16

Germantown, MD


Our DJ was great and yes you can use us as a reference
Janis M. Bowles

CSM Oyster Bay Condos
911 Oyster Bay Place
Dowell, MD 20629

New Year's Eve Party
Oyster Bay Clubhouse in Dowell, MD

Everything went well. The DJ was excellent
I'd be happy to serve as a reference.
Toren Finkel
Beth Rosner and Toren Finkel

Bat Mitzvah

Battery Park Community Clubhouse in Bethesda,


Good Morning!!!
I'd love to answer your questions!  I actually emailed Randy thanking him for sending Ed Selinski for our reception!
When we met with ED it was exceptional!  He'sis an awesome guy.  Great Personality, Really fun and even got out to show the "OLD TIMERS" who thought they knew the "electric slide"...he showed them how to do it, and my mother made the comment that she liked the fact that he came out to interact with them!  WE LOVED HIM!
You most certainly may use us as a reference for future clients!  I would be more than glad to do whatever you need to promote Ed for future services on his behalf!  I've actually already recommended him to some of my friends. 
Please feel free to contact me anytime you need via phone or email!  My numbers are: 

Cell 240-286-9018

work 301-683-4031

..I'm only home during the late evenings on most days.
Thank you again, and again for sending Ed!  He was wonderful!
Tiffany and Kyle Hilton

Wedding Reception

Yes, you may use us a future reference.  We had a great experience with Randy Latimer.  He was set up early, which is a plus, as he was ready when our first guest arrived.  He paid attention to the type of music we requested and added to it with music selections fitting our group.  We were very pleased!


Becky Macko

Becky Macko from BAIL USA


Corporate Even

Baltimore, MD


Actually this is my second experience with Kevin Colangelo DJ's. Our company we used you all for our Christmas party last year and it was a big hit. Sure you can use me as a reference.
Lisa Jefferson


Family Reunion
Greenbelt Marriott in Greenbelt, MD


Massachusetts References

Massachusetts References

We were very pleased with the service provided and would be happy to be a reference
Lisa Ditrapano

Graduation Party
Knights of Columbus in Wakefield, MA


To let you know, Mike did an excellent job. Everyone said the music was great and the timing of the songs during our ceremony was perfect. Also, to your second question, I would let you use us as a reference, but right now , due to a flood, we are out of our home and no access to our phone, but everything went perfectly. Thank you

Joe Berkstresser

Joseph Berkstresser


Spencer County Inn in Spencer, MA

Wedding Reception and Ceremony


I thought the service and the DJ were excellent...conformed to the wishes of the bride!!  I would gladly serve as a reference.

Best regards, Jennifer

Jen Van Anda


Wedding Reception

Hammond Castle in MA


It was great.  Jim was awesome and we had a great wedding.  Thank you!!

Brandi and Adam Bonds

978-387-3640 (day)

978-281-4184 (evening)


Wedding Reception

Gloucester, MA


John was excellent - professional and courteous, excellent repertoire, really listened to our requirements.  Please feel free to use me as a reference. Justin

Justin Bullion


Birthday Party 4/30/05

Concord Colonial Inn in Concord, MA


DJ was great - he did everything we asked!  Definitely use me as a reference - I was apprehensive at first but I found the service easy to use.

Kristy Clemente (Bride) and Nathaniel Berry (Groom)



Bridal Shower

Elks Club, Massachusetts


The DJ, Ron Hernandez was excellent. He was there on time and set up. He had all of my daughters songs from her play list. He even let the girls put in requests. He even had limbo songs. Who would have thought the girls wanted to do the limbo? They asked and he had three versions. They had a wonderful time. Several girls asked where we found him and I said through Kevin Colangelo which my daughter found on the Internet. She was more than pleased.

I found everyone was more than helpful and professional. Yes, feel free to use me as a reference.

Elaine Gibson


Sweet 16

Brookline Holiday Inn in Brookline, MA


Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did for my parents on Saturday.  I got so many compliments from family and friends about how awesome you were.  It was a pleasure working with you and thanks again for all that you have done!

The DJ was absolutely fantastic.  I could not have asked for a better DJ...  He was very professional, knew his stuff, and did whatever it took for my parents to have a good time at their anniversary party.  I absolutely loved him.  If anyone needs me as a reference to him, I would be more than happy to. 

Thank you so much! :)

Diana Monahan

25th Surprise Wedding Anniversary

Knights of Columbus in Westboro, MA


Greg is certainly an asset to your company. He handled everything expertly and was very accommodating to our every need. I also enjoyed our conversations and found him to be a very well versed musician. I am a guitarist and played the trumpet in high school so we talked a bit about his jazz band and where he played. It was truly a pleasurable experience.  If it has to do with Greg  you can by all means use us as a reference.

Thanks Todd and Christine Greene

Todd Greene and Christine (Scanlon) Greene

Wedding ReceptionThe Brass Rail in Southwick, MA


Greg Capozzi was a great DJ and definitely made our wedding fun for everyone.  The flow of music was perfect and he kept the dance floor full the entire night.  There was a problem with the dance floor, which could have easily cleared the floor for the rest of the night, but Greg kept the crowd gong.  He was very through and helped with the order of events since the hotel was in between event coordinators, this was very helpful to me.  He was very enthusiastic about the event and he had some great song and introduction suggestions.  I have nothing but praises for him and would be glad to be a reference.


Megan Lavoie

Megan and Patrick Lavoie

Wedding Reception



Michigan References

Michigan References

The music was terrific!  Please use me as a reference.  I'm happy to help out any way I can.  Happy Holidays!  Thanks again for all your help!
Jere L'Heureux
Contract Options, Inc.
20768 Harper Avenue
Harper Woods, MI 48225
(313) 886-7429 (O)
(313) 886-2185 (F)
(313) 610-3357 (C)

Reunion for Grosse Point North 1977 at the Grosse Point Yacht Club in Grosse Pointe Shore,

We all had a great time at the reception. Bob was the best. He was fun, thoughtful, asking me through the night if I was happy and if I wanted him to do anything. I would recommend him to anybody. Thank you very much for your services, it was greatly appreciated.

Yes you may use us as references, I would be more than happy!

Tiffany and Jason

Tiffany (Bain) and Jason


Wedding Reception


The service was very good; the music selection that we asked for was played and very well tailored to our crowd.

Anna Pettalia


Wedding Reception

Presque Isle Harbor Association in Alpena,



We (prom committee) heard a pretty good response about the DJ.The music was good, and they had almost every

song that was requested.

Yes you can use us as a reference for future clients.

Lindsey Harrison


School Prom

Pickford Public Schools in Pickford, Michigan


Hi I just wanted to write you a recommendation.

My name is Hannah Hawes now was Ritchie, and you performed the music for my wedding reception on July 9 2005 in Kalamazoo Michigan my phone number is 269-377-3447. The dj you referred us dj scott was excellent!! I was more than pleased! He was way beyond my expectations! everyone at our reception loved him and had a great time! thank you so much for sending him!! You can post my recommendation on your site if you would like Thank you sooo much

Hannah (Ritchie) Hawes and Pete Hawes


Wedding Reception

Club Car in Kalamazoo, Michigan



Minnesota References

Minnesota References

Richard was great! We were so lucky to get him. He went above and beyond and most of my family said it was one of the most fun weddings they had been to in years. Thanks so much!
LeAnne Lessard


Operations Specialist |  Client Extended Services
phone: 763.212.5665 |  fax: 763.212.5747
Wedding Reception
Minnesota Square Park in St. Peter, MN


I was very pleased with the services that your dj provided.  He was great entertainment. thank you


Jaclyn Enter


Wedding Reception

New Ulm Armory in New Ulm, MN



I thought that we received very good service from your company.  I particularly found the online planning service to be very beneficial to my overall event success.  The DJ assigned to our event, Job, did a good job as well. Overall, I would - and did - recommend your company for future DJ hiring needs, and feel free to use me as a reference for future clients.  Thank you.

Danielle Wagner

Sales Manager - Women's Shoes
Macy's - Rosedale

Shoe Diva Event

Macy’s Rosedale in Roseville, MN

Emily and I wanted to just take a moment to let you know that our event last weekend was absolutely wonderful.  We received MANY compliments and comments regarding Jeremy and music/show he put on.  He was prompt, professional, dressed very nicely, and played exactly what we were looking for.  The dance floor was kept full the entire evening.  I overheard him turn a request down because it wasn't what we'd prefer, very much appreciated.  Anyway, feel free to use us as a reference if needed in the future, we were VERY impressed.  Thanks again, have a great weekend.

Hope that gives you the feedback you need. 

Eric Hudspith

Eric and Emily Hudspith


Wedding Reception

St. Teresa’s Campus in Winona, MN


Mississippi  References

Mississippi  References

Gabriel was fantastic!  He was great to work with.  Unfortunately for him, our group was a little too shy for the dance floor.
I must admit that I was a little skeptical to use your company b/c I had never hired a dj before.  However, I'm very glad that I did.  Communication was great.  People were easy to work with and very helpful.
Yes, I would be glad for you to list me as a reference.  Thanks for your part in making our reunion a success!
Best wishes,
Tanya & Gil Lovelady
Tanya Lovelady
601-605-1015 ext. 120 (day number)
601-605-3484 (evening)
20th Class Reunion
Fermo's Restaurant in Greenville, MS


It was a great time - the DJ was very friendly and the music was great. Things went off without a hitch. 
I would love to be a reference. 

Thanks Kim and Ryan Hardy

Kimberly Snyder

Wedding Reception
Old Capital Inn, Jackson,



Gabriel was awesome.  We had so much fun and I really

appreciate everything.  He played a well rounded variety

of music and then changed it up a bit for the crowd that

was dancing. Everything was perfect. 

Thanks you so much Jill

Jill Naquin

601-264-9398 / 601-329-1977

Wedding Reception

Big Creek Lodge in Hattiesburg, Mississippi




Missouri References

Missouri References

Harry LaSha Gray did a very nice job at our reception.  He played the music we asked for and made announcements, etc. we asked for ,yet was not overbearing. He was low key which was exactly what we wanted for this event. 

We were very pleased.
Katie McCloud Roe
Katherine McCloud

Wedding Reception
Grand River Inn in Chilicothe, Missouri


Harry DJ LaShay did a nice job, was timely and accommodating.  Everyone enjoyed the music.
Yes you may use me as a reference.

Tim Hoffman


Hog Roast PartyRaymore, MO



Montana References

Montana References

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Nebraska References

Nebraska References

I loved the service.  Bill was an excellent DJ.  He made the reception come to life, even when it looked like our family wasn't going to cooperate.  It was a great experience!!
Yes you may use us as references! 

We'd be glad to refer your company!!
Ashley McClellan

Waverly Community Social Hall in NE
Wedding Reception




Nevada References

Nevada References

Randy did a wonderful job. We had some party crashers and he helped us to handle the situation wonderfully. It was a joy working with him again and would recommend him to anyone planning a party.
Patty Kress
First Health Service
Patricia Kress

Holiday Party for the First Health Services Corporation
Grand Sierra (Reno Hilton) in Reno, Nevada


Everything was very professional in presentation and execution.  I was
very pleased and the bride and groom were so happy.  Yes, you may use
me as a reference.

Wedding Reception
Eleanor Dacus
Ponderosa Room in Sparks, NV

New Hampshire References

New Hampshire References

Hi there - I just wanted to tell you how happy we were w/ the DJ, Kirth, that was there for the party we had on Aug. 5th in NH - He was very easy-going, and played everything we requested and was very nice and pleasant...
Thanks so much for your services - we appreciate all your help...
Kind regards,

Contact info private
Birthday Party/Anniversary Party
(60th birthday party and their 20th Anniversary Party)
Merrimack, NH

New Hampshire

Hello our DJ,  was awesome! 
You can use me as a reference.
Thank you

Kendra Greene


Waukewan Golf Club in Meredith, NH

New Hampshire

Lee was absolutely awesome!!  He was friendly,
entertaining and did exactly what we wanted, when we
wanted it done.  The Karaoke was awesome, too!  My
friends and family had a wonderful time.
You most certainly can use us as a reference for
future clients.  I have nothing but good things to say
about the entire experience, from the prompt e-mail
attention to assistance with planning our event from a
couple of hundred miles away!
If we have a need for a DJ, we'll be in contact!

Caryn M. Festa

Caryn (Augusta) Festa and Scott Festa


Wedding Reception

Wolfeboro, NH

New Hampshire


New Jersey References

New Jersey References

Good morning!
The dj's were Very helpful with all my questions days before the wedding.
The dj was early. The music was just right.
They were great!!!
Yes, you may use me as a reference.
Thank you
Daisy & Oscar

Oscar and Daisy Demung
Wedding Reception and Ceremony

Velvet Lounge in Fairfield, NJ

We were very pleased with Carmine and Tom.  They did a great job, were very responsive to requests and were very professional in everything.  Thanks for the great
You may of course, use us a reference if needed.
Thanks again.
Randi Rutan

732-547-0970 day
732-607-0223 eve
Sweet 16
Old Bridge First Aid Station in Old Bridge, NJ

New Jersey

The service was incredible. I would be happy to give you a reference. Thank you
Averyll Depalmer

General Party

Westfield, NJ

New Jersey

DJ's were excellent.  You may use us as a reference.

Diane Keyes

Thomas Keyes


Keyes Family Reunion

Hillside Lodge in Candenses, NJ

New Jersey


The DJ at Matthew's party was fantastic. I've already recommended him for other parties and events.

Cyndie Schim
LCCC in Kearny, NJ

Words can not describe what a wonderful job Don Cook did at our wedding reception.  He was the best DJ I've ever heard.  He played everything we asked him and he interacted with the crowed.  We got a lot of great feed back from people that attended saying how much they liked him and where we found him. 

Thank you so much for making our night what it was!!  I will tell every one I know just where to find you guys!!!

Thanks again!!

Cassie Fournier


American Legion Hall in Rockland, Maine

Wedding Reception

The overall service and the DJ was great.  We had a great time. Bill was fantastic. It's hard for a 16 yr old girl and her sweet 16 party.  You're not sure if  the music is going to be good and then you'll end up being the talk of the school if no one had a  good time Everyone at the party had a great time and the music and DJ was great.
You can definitely use me as a reference.

Kristine Van Sickle

732-919-0700 ext. 225
Sweet 16 for Brittany

Scotch Plains, NJ

New Jersey

Everyone had a wonderful time. They took the
time to meet with me pre- ceremony to discuss the "plan" and overall ambiance we were looking to create. Vinny was very helpful and was on the same page with everything. He communicated with us throughout the evening and I would use your services again should I have an opportunity.
Vinny handed us a copy of a CD he made of our wedding songs throughout the night. We were not expecting this and I was deeply touched. I don't know if this was part of the package or a kind gesture but either way, we were very appreciative that he took the time to capture our wedding music and present it to us. I would be happy to be used as a reference and have already told a few people about them.

We had a blast. Thanks for everything !!!!
Diane (Roman) and Jason Eppa

Tel - 609-695-6209
Wedding Reception

Stone Museum Garden Falls in Monroe,

New Jersey


New Mexico References

New Mexico References

Bruce did an excellent job and he was very pleasant to work with.  Yes you may use me as a reference.  Thank you again for your services :) 
Cleora Chicarello Massengale
Wedding Reception and Ceremony
Carlisle Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico

dj was great
reference, sure......

Tom Springer

Fraternal Order of Police in Santa Fe, NM


New York References

New York References

Hello, The party was really nice. the DJ was very helpful, suggesting games and activities. He was very prompt with emails. He was also accommodating to any of my suggestions and all the kids were on the dance floor actually dancing. He arrived early at the venue and was ready to roll prior to the start of the party.  He did a very nice job and kept the party moving. I would use your service again. 

thank you
Yes you could use me for references for future clients.

Jennifer Douglas as client


Sweet 16


Gedney Way in White Plains, NY

I was very happy with your service and would recommend it in the future. thanks Diana
Diana Lazaro and Jude

Wedding Reception, Salem, NY

New York

Trust this email finds you well. I was out of the country and justreturned yesterday. I have been meaning to write to DJ Russell and thank him for the wonderful service he provided at my graduation party. The music was fantastic and my guests had a wonderful time.
I would definitely recommend DJ Russell and would use your services for any future party.
Best regards,
Devika Iyer

Graduation Party
New York Marriott East Side in New York, NY

Our Dj was wonderful a really nice guy good voice, and does a great job!

Sara Mulkey and Kenny


845-627-2291 (evening)

Wedding Reception and Ceremony

Cortland Manor, NY

New York

Hi Kevin, we absolutely loved everything about our party and are still getting compliments even from people who weren't at the party saying they heard It was the best party ever thrown in Binghamton! We definitely can attribute the success of it to the great people we hired. Can't wait to do it again for Brandon's Bar Mitzvah. I am sorry I haven't had a chance to give you more feedback...unfortunately Michael fell very sick two days after the Bar Mitzvah and we have been in and

out of the hospital since then. Didn't give us a lot of time to bask in the joy of our event...he is doing ok now and is home but his illness does consume our time. I think Kenny spoke to Jim since the Bar Mitzvah but when you see him tell him I watch his movie at least once a day makes me so happy!!!

Take care...I'll call you as soon as I get Brandon's Bar Mitzvah date (May 2008)

Sharon Mintz

Bar Mitzvah

Temple Concord, Binghamton,

New York

Dear Kevin,

Jennifer and I just want to give you and your staff a great

big "THANK YOU" for all you have done for us so far in

this process of planning our wedding.  It's a great relief

when you have something this important going on to

know that (at least where our music is concerned) that it's being handled by a company that is as professional and as personable as yours. Having experience in the music business myself, I have to say that, truly, you and your people are more than the best choice for my wedding, and we are grateful to have you handling our wedding reception's tunes. Thanks again, Kevin, and Jen and I hope to talk again with you soon, and perhaps we can meet, and you'll let us take you to lunch! Sincerely,

Matthew Lewis

Number and email supplied by request only.


I would like to answer on Lisa Parks' behalf, your questions regarding the service provided by your assigned DJ at our wedding reception. As her husband, I can comment that we were both very satisfied with the function that your DJ served at our wedding.  He operated in a manner that was both fun and professional.  The music selection was appropriate and enjoyed by all who were in attendance.  He took his job seriously and injected the evening with both energy and excitement.  Overall, it was a job well done.
Gary Williams
West Point Officers Club in West Point, NY
Wedding Reception

New York

The DJ was wonderful.  He played on and on nonstop despite the cold, damp day. 

Yes, I would be happy to provide a reference.

Thank you again,

Arlene Munsen




East Northport, NY

New York

Hi Kevin, First off I wanted to tell you how extremely 

happy we were for our wedding! It was so great!

Many people (including both sets of our parents)

commented on how outstanding the DJ and music was.

The choreographed music with the slide show and

fireworks display was absolutely perfect! I was so pleased

with the music you chose for the slideshow, the first song

(When you say nothing at all) was so fitting - I loved it ).

THANK YOU so much for the terrific work you did for

us on our wedding and all the preparation time prior to

the actual event! . Thank you!

Laura Wrobleski

Tel: 617-376-0087 - 617-973-1082

Wedding Reception

Logan Ridge Winery, Canandaigua,

New York


In a word - FABULOUS! - I would have paid you 3 times your fee with no hesitation

Your DJ was outstanding! and need to increase your fee!

Number and email supplied by request only.

Julie Brickner Keybank Head Office Ohio

Company Party, Turning Stone Oneida, NY

New York


North Carolina References

North Carolina References

Everything went perfectly well!!! Yes you can definitely use us as references!!

Thanks again


Nicole Gilman


Wedding Reception and Ceremony

Shell Island in Wilmington, NC

I thought Larry and his son did a very nice job.  They did not make themselves the center of attention and kept the guests very entertained.  I would make a recommendation for them.
Marshall and Jen Hubbard

Wedding Reception

Cypress Inn in Kill Devils Hills, NC

Josh did an excellent job!  He kept us dancing the entire night and played a great mix of music.  He was extremely professional and did everything we asked and more. 

I would definitely recommend him to future clients.

You may use me as a reference anytime!
Phyllis Long as client
Brandy and Alex Carter as bride and groom
336-924-6658 (Phyllis)
910-352-8088 (Brandy)

Wedding Reception
Southport Community Building in Southport,

North Carolina

I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with Steve and Debbie Segar - the DJs you provided for our July 15 wedding.  They arrived on time, couldn't have been nicer or easier to work with, and did a fantastic job.  They played all the songs we requested and picked out some perfect choices of their own that worked out great with our family/friends. We had a small wedding  - with some rather stubborn non-dancers - so we needed to keep a lot of the same guests on the dance floor as much as possible to keep the party going. Steve and Debbie managed to create an atmosphere where the die-hard dancers kept hearing great songs they wanted to dance to and stayed on the floor all night, despite being completely exhausted! They also managed to get my shy nieces and nephews and some of those previously-mentioned stubborn non-dancers out onto the dance floor.  They timed everything perfectly and did everything we asked - we couldn't have been happier.  (Unfortunately, we paid only the amount due and forgot to include a gratuity, which we will be sending later - chalk that up to wedding day forgetfulness. :-))

Please be sure to keep them on your list of great talent.  It was a wonderful evening.

Joanne Lambert Ward

Wedding Reception

Joanne (Lambert) Ward and Jason Ward

The Inn at Crestwood in Blowing Rock, NC

North Carolina

The DJ was wonderful, professional and really made the overall experience. Tell Dan THANX and of course we will be references.

Orlena Howell


Wedding Reception

Zebulon Civic Center in Zebulon, NC

North Carolina


Carrie and John Rhymer


Wedding Reception

Green River Plantation in Rutherfordton,

North Carolina

Bruce and Shari were awesome. They took the time to go out of their way to meet with us before hand, and were always prompt with responding to my emails and phone calls. Then when the big day came they were there on time and really did a great job.  They got the crowd going and also were effective at keeping the events of the night on track.  Several people that attended my reception have commented on the entertainment that night and how they had a great time. 

My husband and I would be happy to give a reference to future clients.
Sincerely, Jennifer Neal Warren

Jennifer (Neal) and Patrick Warren
Wedding Reception
Brook Valley Country Club in Greenville, NC
North Carolina

We really enjoyed our DJ. He was very good and

everyone liked him that came to the wedding.

I liked the DJ cause he was very friendly and was great with playing all the songs we wanted to here.

And as for using us for a reference...yes you may we highly recommend him and your services to anyone,   Juanita and Gerald

Juanita Finch


Wedding Reception

Ruiten Club in Stem, North Carolina

North Carolina


Ohio References

Ohio References

Wedding June 25th 2011 The Conrad Botzum, Farmstead, Ohio

We are so happy with the services Kevin Colangelo provided for our wedding reception!! The DJ showed up on time and helped orchestrate the whole reception. We couldn't have asked for more!!! Thank you so much for the amazing wedding reception!!! It wouldn't have been as amazing as it was without a great DJ!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Corathers

The service was very good and our DJ - Scott Hanna was awesome. He was very accommodating to our wishes, fun yet professional.
I would certainly recommend him for future clients.
Rob Grove

Rob Grove


Wedding Reception

Chardon, OH

I was very pleased with his work.  He was so pleasant and easy to work with.  The event was a great success and he did a fabulous job.  Certainly, you may use me as a reference.

Kendra Carpenter


Surprise 75th Birthday Party

Troy Country Club in Troy, Ohio



Marcus did a wonderful job at the wedding reception as we were very pleased with the service.

Yes I would like to be used as a reference.

Thank you,

Amy Quigley

419-784-1450 day

419-596-4553 eve

Wedding Reception

Glendorf Rod and Gun in Glendorf,


Oklahoma References

Oklahoma References

Yes, and you may use me for future references. 

The Djs did an excellent job, all the students said they were really good and everyone enjoyed them.  You are a good company to work with and your rates were great! 

Thanks so much,

Joanie Gaskins

Joanie Gaskins 918-434-3812

School Prom

Salina Public Schools in Salina, OK


I wanted to email you to let you know that our party was

last night and I couldn't possibly have been more pleased. Chris was the most pleasant, accommodating individual I have ever met!  From beginning to end he went out of his way to make our evening a success.  I cannot believe I almost didn't have a DJ, because I cannot IMAGINE the party without him.  He did a fantastic job of choosing the music that the people at the party would enjoy and the dance floor was always packed.  His lights were AMAZING...even a fog machine...I had NO idea it would be that kind of production.  Everyone thought the Brewery had organized them! The party went just like I dreamed it would, and it was a pleasure working with you as well.  Everything was handled in such a professional manner and I never had a single concern, and that's saying a lot considering I didn't even contact you until 5 days before the party!  Thanks so much for everything...I will NEVER throw a party without a DJ again!!

You'd better use me as a reference!  I am so embarrassed

that I ever quibbled about the cost...what a deal!!  I can't

believe I could get that kind of entertainment for such a

reasonable amount...I expected a guy with a CD player hooked up to some big speakers, but WOW!!  I was completely astounded.   I have been getting calls all morning from people wanting to know where I got my DJ and raving about how great the party was. You bet I'm giving them all you name...Can't thank you enough,

Best regards, Amy Wheeler





Melissa Bowers


Valentine Formal India Shrine in Oklahoma City, OK



"Yes, we were very satisfied with you service and you

can use my name as a reference"

Debbie Welch, MABATB
"I" Dock Supervisor
(405) 550-0899

Holiday Party



Oregon References

Oregon References

Sorry it has taken so long to get back, my husband and I are in the middle of a cross country move.  The DJ service was wonderful, I would recommend you to anyone that is looking for a DJ.  Ken was professional, personable and had great suggestions and really helped to make our wedding memorable.  Please feel free to use us as a reference for any potential clients because the service was fantastic and the prices couldn't be beat.  Thank you again for helping to make our wedding memorable!

The Walton's

Maria and Aron Walton


Wedding Reception and Ceremony The Mill Hotel and Resort in Coos Bay, OR


We thought our djs were great for what they had to work with. Definitely use us as a reference.

Danielle Holland

Wedding Reception

Client's home in Salem, OR



Pennsylvania References

Pennsylvania References

Service was wonderful. Job well done.

Yes you can use us a a reference

Wedding Reception

Patricia (Cairo) and Richard Birchall


The Inn at Lambertville Station in Lambertville, NJ

Dan Paulish from PA as DJ

Dan the DJ you sent was great.  He was very friendly and got everyone involved.  I would recommend Kevin Colangelo's services.High School Graduation Party
Lisa Shendge
Private residence in King of Prussia, PA

We had a wonderful time.  Everyone at works is still talking about the party.  Yes, I would be glad
to be a reference.  Sheila
Sheila Bryson

50th Wedding Anniversary Wyncote Golf Club in Oxford, PA

1.  Chad was great!  The one thing I was most impressed about was that he called me Saturday morning while making our play list to make sure I hadn't e-mailed any additional songs to the request list.  I thought that was very nice of him to double check.  He was punctual, he played all the songs we requested, and the song choices he chose were appropriate.

2.  You may definitely use me as a reference for future clients.

Thanks, Sara

Sara Beth Thomas


School Dance

Carroll Valley Resort in Carroll Valley, PA


1.  Your comments on the overall service and DJ?

2.  May we use you as a reference for future clients?


Reuben and Mary Newswanger


Wedding Reception
Stoudts Reception Center in Adamstown, PA


South Carolina References

South Carolina References

Elizabeth Brooks

Home Telephone Number: 919-741-5176
Type of event: Wedding Reception
Venue Name: Marriot resort and spa at Grande Dunes
It was awesome and we appreciate it so much. 
can we use telephone and email: 919-741-5176

Allen and I greatly enjoyed the services we received from Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys and our DJ Dan Palattella was fantastic considering our guests arriving so late. He set up quickly, was so organized, and just kept going through in spite of the problems we had with guests arriving late and just hanging at the beach, etc. He just played
straight through. We quickly had to pack up early because the pavilion's owner forgot about our reception and went ahead and booked someone else for 3pm that afternoon. Dan packed quickly and helped us out.
Yes, you can use us as a reference for future clients!
Thank you!
Allen and Judy Muldoon

Judy (Musso) Muldoon and Allen Muldoon
Wedding Reception
YMCA Beach Pavilion in Moncks Corner, SC

I was happy with the DJ service.
Yes you can use me as a reference.

Bar Mitzvah
Island Porch in Charleston, SC



Bet Lee


School Dance

Mount Olliet Christian School in Camden, SC

South Carolina


Kevin's DJ Service was wonderful. 

I recommend him to anyone who has a special day coming up. 

Thanks again for a wonderful day.

Yes you can use me as a reference.

Debra Walker


Ashlee Torrisi and Tony Rodgers  (bride and groom)

Wedding Reception

Holiday Inn in Hilton Head Island, SC

South Carolina


South Dakota References

South Dakota References

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events


Tennessee References

Tennessee References

JT was  great!  I couldn't have asked for a better dj, he was funny,  not overbearing, very good with communication and helping us b/c we  didn't know how to go about doing things. listened to all our  requests, just did an overall great job. my matron of honor was so  impressed she asked for your website to see about booking a dj for  her husbands birthday.
you may definitely use me as a reference.
thanks so much and please extend an extra thank you to JT for us.
Anne Mayer and Randy Stephens

Wedding Reception

Pigeon Forge Ramada in Pigeon Forge, TN

DJ service was great; our actual DJ was very good and helpful.  He was willing to do things the way we wanted and also added some insight on ways to make things better.  Was also very professional and kept the people on the dance floor. 
George Spreng
Blair Saldana from TN as DJ

Wedding Reception and Ceremony

Lakeside Resort in Smithville, TN

I cant say enough about Steve and Debbie!!  They were absolutely WONDERFUL!  Not only did they provide such great music, but were very receptive to everyone's requests...the reception went beautifully and everyone cannot say enough about it!!!  Steve and Debbie's personal attention to making my reception so special was truly amazing!!!  I would definitely recommend them for any event and would love to be a reference for them.....

I again cannot express how wonderful they were...they blended in so well with everyone that the reception was seamless and they both made sure everyone had a great time and they had everyone out there dancing FOREVER!!!  Truly AWESOME!!

Thanks again for providing the great service and be assured you definitely have a great pair with Steve and Debbie!!!

Brenda McGraw


Wedding Reception

Moose Hollow Lodge in Sevierville,


Yes, indeed, you may use Franke as a reference for future clients. He was prompt, very professional, and had a genuine concern for all to have a great time.  Knowing how to handle everything at our party for everyone to enjoy the evening was extremely impressive.  We wish to work with "Kevin Colangelo DJs" again for any future events and recommend your superb organization to all that inquire for the BEST DJ services ever!
Again, thank you for sending "Franke" our way and we look forward to a wonderful working relationship with you in the near future.  Wishing you and your families a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a healthy and prosperous 2007
New Year. Best regards,
Sharon Meachum

Christmas Party

Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, TN

Steve and Debbie did an excellent job at our wedding reception.  I was a little bit apprehensive since I did not get to meet them in person beforehand, but they were very professional and appropriately formally attired.  I was very pleased.  I really like the hassle-free contract and guarantee that you all offer, as well.  Hiring the dj was one of the easiest steps in the entire process of planning my wedding!

I would be glad to serve as a reference for future clients. 

Thanks very much,


Kim Jorgensen

423-321-5730 or 423-619-5744

Wedding Reception Tennessee Riverplace in Chattanooga, TN



Texas References

Texas References

Leigh Lucas and Jamie Murray had their wedding celebration. It was a wonderful occasion for us all and also opened doors for more clients.  I am so excited about the job we did as a Team and the progress we made concerning their Special Event.

Our accomplishments showed Mr. and Mrs. Murray our “genius” leadership and most of all our hard-work as a Team.  I have prospered even more because of you all, and we too have also found some new great friends in each other who gave each other loyal support along the way.

So this is a thank-you note—for all of your hard and 1st class work, and helping Leigh and Jamie enjoy their wedding celebration.  Our future looks bright, and I want to acknowledge your contribution towards this occasion.  I know that they did experience a 1st class life style.

Thank you, you all done a AWESOME job.  Don't forget if you have taken pictures of this event please share with us, so we can show what a awesome Team we had

Ursula Jackson for being the best Assistant I could ever have and for helping create the floral designs.

Therese Cole for a wonderful catering company and team the food was to die for and live again.

Darrell Kurtz for transforming the room and making it the way Leigh envisioned it to be.

Terry Smith - Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys for making us all feel young again and playing music that everyone danced kept them on their feet and that's what Leigh wanted.

Gary Kirkman for making us feel as if we were in Hawaii with the greetings and the entertainment.

George Crawford for taking natural shots for a life-time memory.


Yulander Taylor

Professional Bridal Consultant

Alabaster Weddings, LLC.

P.O. Box 946

Spring, Texas 77383


It was perfect!  He did a great job and it really made the reception!  Thank you so very much.  I was so scared until we were contacted and then not really sure of how it would be.  He did an absolutely wonderful job.  It was better than I could have ever imagined.  Yes, you can use me as a reference.
Thanks again, Karen
Karen Hall as the client
Jeremy and Tyra as the bride and groom

Wedding Reception

MGM Grande in Odessa, Texas

We were very pleased with the DJ.  He was really a good fit for the high school group. 
You are welcome to use me as a reference
School Lock In Dance
Jeannette Cook
Trinity High School in Euless, TX
Ron Sexton as DJ from TX

Skye was awesome! He really made the party so much fun! We will for sure recommend him and use him for future parties! You may use me as a reference!
Mikki Blumer

Graduation Party
Outside pavilion in Providence Village, TX

He was awesome. Very Nice, and Played awesome music all night!
Teresa Hardman

50th Birthday Bash for Celia Bell
Home address in San Saba, TX


Jack Underwood was an absolutely exceptional DJ.  He was very professional and was there ready in plenty of time, had all of our music that we requested.  He was very prompt with replying to all emails.  We had not intended nor were we prepared to spend that kind of money on a DJ and were very reluctant about doing so.  However, after having Jack and seeing all he did, plus some we were very pleased and have no regrets on spending the money, he was well worth every dollar.  He went above and beyond his job description.  We have no problem being used as a reference, I will in fact recommend him to any of my friends looking for a DJ.

Thank you very much for your service,

Charli and Brandon


Wedding Reception

Runnymade Country Club in Fredericksburg, Texas

The overall service we got from Jim and Christy was excellent.  They did a great job catering to our special needs for our reception.

We would most definitely recommend them in the future!


Jessica Sanchez 

Jessica Sanchez


Hotel Galvez in Galveston, TX

Wedding Reception



Utah References

Utah References

Absolutely! we had a ball, James was awesome!

It's as if he had known us all along!

I didn't leave the dance floor the whole night!

Thanks again...

Eileen Williamson

801-582-1565 ext. 2350


Wedding Reception

Salt Lake City, UT



The DJ was wonderful.  Everyone danced and had a great time.  The music selection was right on through out the reception.  Thank you very much.

Tina Frisch


Kaylin and Skyler as bride and groom

Castlebrook Reception Center in Layton, UT

Wedding Reception

Vermont References

Vermont References

The DJ was outstanding! He kept things moving but never rushed. He always checked with the bride before doing anything he wasn't sure about which was very appreciated. The majority of the music was chosen by him and he did an excellent job at it. He had people dancing all night. Overall, the service was superb. We booked this on very short notice and you guys really came through for us. The pricing was very reasonable and the service was professional and fun.
You definitely can use me as a reference for future clients.

Wedding Reception

Emily Frank

Hawk Mountain Resort and Inn in Plymouth, VT


Corey Gottfried as DJ from VT

Lee was excellent...delivered everything we asked for....went off without a hitch and he kept the music and party going.
Of course, you can use us as a reference!
Ben and Christine

Wedding Reception
Benjamin and Christine Diehl

Woodstock Vermont Country Club in Woodstock,



Amanda Caringi


Wedding Recep

Castle Hill Resort in Cavendish, VT



Very Good Service!

Paul Vanderheiden
Green Mountain Relay
06.21.08 - Cambridge Elementary School in Jeffersonville, VT
Mount Anthony Union Middle School in Bennington, VT
303-800-5353 (work)
P.O. Box 2213
Englewood, CO 80150

1. We really enjoyed the DJ. He was personable and accommodating. We were very pleased. We will contact your company for any future parties we have.
2. You may use me as a reference in the future. Thank you
Tenisa Turnbaugh

Wedding Anniversary

Wheelock Town Hall in Wheelock, VT

Virginia References

Virginia References


Centennial Gala Prom


Pat Miller


Mount Vernon Recreation Center in Alexandria, VA

Aaron Hahn as DJ from VA

Wedding Reception


Jenny Youmans Turney

Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in Virginia Beach, VA


John was great.  He was very professional.  He played the music that we had selected and something's that we forgot about.  He was great to work with.  I would use him again in the future.  Please feel free to share comments with other future clients.

Megan Auandee


Wedding Reception and Ceremony

Royal Oak Cabins in Lyndhurst, VA

Our dj was great, he was extremely flexible and the pre-planning sessions with him were invaluable.  his music selection during our wedding reception was just what we were looking for. 
Peter Kunkel


Wedding Reception

William and Mary Alumni House in Williamsburg, VA

I am sorry that I am just replying to your email. You certainly may contact us in the future in regards to the Kevin Colangelo DJ service. We had a wonderful experience working with you guys, especially our DJ, DJ Cox. He had everything well prepared, was flexible to handling requests made that night by guests, and kept everyone, both old, young and everything in between, on that dance floor from the moment we got there on! We received so many compliments, and the best part was that I didn't have to worry about a thing the whole time.
Thanks again!
Jennifer and Allen Jacob

Jennifer Miller


Wedding Reception

Richmond Country Club in Richmond, VA

We were very happy with the overall service and the DJ's.  They were very accommodating and worked in a lot of the songs that we wanted.  Everyone that came said they had a great time and there were always people on the dance floor.  Yes, you may use us as a reference.
Janet Murrell
QAR Manager
Janet Bracken Murrell

Wedding Reception and Ceremony
Davis Bourne Inn in Independence, VA


I was very pleased with the service.  The kids said it was the best music at a party and I do believe it was due to the fact that they got to choose their own music. 

The service was also great from your office. The d.j, followed up and was on time and very nice to work with .

The only thing I was not impressed with was the light package I purchased.  I did not fell it was a big bag for my extra money.

I would be happy to tell anyone however I pleased overall I am.

Thanks for asking.


Debbie Fragale as client


6th Birthday Party

Woodlake Child development Center in Midlothian, VA

I am very glad that I chose your agency to hire a DJ from.  I my fiancée flew in three days before the wedding and things were very busy so I did not have time to fill in all the information I wanted to on the website, but Mr. Cox was very open to what ever I wanted to be done and he was very flexible
with the times things needed to occur at the reception.  You may have someone email me if they would like a reference.  I will be out of the country for the rest of the year.
Ashley Dowdy
Ashley (Dowdy) and Trey Nicholson

Wedding Reception
Mechanicsville United Methodist Church in Mechanicsville, VA

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how great of a DJ David was. The music was perfect and he was professional. I will definitely let all my friends know about your company. Thanks so much for making our day great.!!!!!!

Jen and Pat (Hayes) Bosserman

Jennifer Hayes

Wedding Reception

Ft. Belvoir, VA


Hi, John Cox was an excellent DJ. He was very reliable. He took our requests during the party without question. I would recommend him again in the future. Thanks for your services.

Leslie Sargent

703-851-9808 day
703-771-3313 evening

40th Birthday Party
Client's home address in Leesburg, VA


Yes, I was very pleased with the DJ. 

He did a great job!

Abigail (Davis) and Adam Spanbergen


Satellite Ballroom in Charlottesville, VA

Wedding Reception


Aaron was awesome!  This was my first year attending/planning the Guests Inc. Christmas Party and a few people said he was the best DJ we have had in 5 years!  You may absolutely use me as a reference. 

Carol Begley


Holiday Party for Guests, Inc.

Best Western in VA



Feel free to call anytime 

Jennifer Stathis



Leesburg, VA


Every thing was fine we will recommend you guys in the future Sincerely,

Kevin Connelly

Branch Manager


Pinnacle Financial Corporation

Halloween Party

McLean, VA


I thought that overall David did a good job.  The sound system was great and his musical selection was very good!!  I would say that I would use him again


Melissa M. Thieda

Anteon Corporation

Accountant III

G/L Department

(703) 246-0675

(703) 246-0327 -

Birthday Party


The overall service was incredible.  I think Martin is an excellent DJ and he helped us out in more ways than one.  He has a great presence on the microphone - his voice is clear, concise, and energetic.  All of the guests were impressed with his performance.  My mother and father in law especially and even said that Kingsmill would be fortunate to retain him for DJ services in the future.  From the perspective of my wife and I, Martin kept us on track the entire night.  He provided gentle reminders about the pace and upcoming events.  His choice of music was perfect.  My 83 year old grandmother was sorry that the party was over at the end of the night and so were many of my college age friends.  I think this is a wonderful testament to his ability to effectively select and order music. 

You may certainly use me as a reference for future clients Thank you, Mike

Mike Nonaka

Kingsmill Resort Coordinator

Kelly Coronell at 215-417-4193

Wedding Reception

Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, VA



Yes, we loved the DJ!  He was professional and played exactly the music we requested.  You may definitely use us as a reference for future events!


Monica Sanchez


Wedding Reception

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in VA


Washington References

Washington References

Awesome DJ! great personality, great music

Penny Yunker


Birthday Party

Sheraton Hotel in Seattle, WA



Yes, we were very pleased with our DJ.

We have a wedding we are planning next year, June.

We would definitely use your company again.

Thank you,

Kelly Velasquez 


Graduation Party

Game Farm Wilderness Park in Auburn, Washington


I have to tell you this was the best experience with a DJ we have ever had.  Larry did and amazing job and I would recommend him, and your company, to anyone.  He started contact at the beginning of the year and kept us posted and updated right up until the day of the wedding.  The sound was excellent and everything professionally done from beginning to end.  Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.

Thanks for everything. Sharon Martin



Sharon (Martin) and Richard Lane

Wedding Reception

Walla Walla, WA



Washington DC References

Washington DC References

Brae Blackley
Email Address:
Home Telephone Number: 703-349-5335
Event Details
Event Date: 31
Event Month: December
Event Year: 2009
Type of event: New Years Eve
Event Location Details
Venue Name: SunTrust Building, Washington, DC
Review: DJ did a great job.  People danced all night and he was very professional.  I had several party guests comment to me that the DJ was great. Thanks for a great party!

First of all, thank you sooo much for allowing us to use one of the DJ's for our reception, it was greatly appreciated. He was wonderful! Everything ran smoothly; he played the right music at the right time, and announced the right things at the right times. Whenever he needed to make sure of something, he just came up to one of us, very politely, and asked what we would like to do. The music was wonderful; he played exactly what would get everyone on the dance floor and he even stayed while we were cleaning up! Overall, he was just a very sweet, and respectful man and I thank him and the company once again... you really made my day special (it was definitely worth the money), and you can let everyone know that I said so!

Thanks Again,

Mrs. Chaye Hinton-Benjamin

Chaye Hinton

240-535-1837 (day)

301-681-8816 (eve)

Wedding Reception

People’s Congregational United Church of Christ

Washington DC

Thank you for making my wedding a musical success. The DJ, William, did a excellent job. He kept the music going, and followed the timeline of events.
Without the professional disc-jockey my event would not have been as memorable. Thanks again from the Matthews family.
Lanisha Toney


Wedding Reception
South Park Recreation Center in Tacoma, WA


West Virginia References

West Virginia References

Marcus was wonderful -- thank you! Certainly you may use us as a future reference.
Charlotte (Kelly) Garlock and Jared Garlock


Wedding Reception
Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV

West Virginia

Everything went well. We were pleased with the DJ and his services. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Valerie Frey McClung


Radisson Hotel in Morgantown, WV

West Virginia

Don Niles did an excellent job for us.  He was professional and played music the students enjoyed.  Our prom was a success.
Leslie Godfrey


School Prom

Days Inn in Feltwoods, WV

West Virginia


Russell Medley was the DJ for my daughter's wedding reception.  He was fantastic and accommodated our every request.  Russell was the best!  A professional who done a wonderful job!  I was so happy that it all worked out perfect on such short notice, because I only acquired the services of

Kevin Colangelo a little over a week before the reception.  I am very satisfied with all people involved (Crystal James, from customer service, and Russell Medley) for helping me and my daughter pull it all together so quickly because of the time factor.  Would definitely recommend Kevin Colangelo Premiere Disc Jockeys to everyone needing a DJ!  Thanks for making a special moment in our lives even more enjoyable! 

Yes, you may use my comments.  Thanks again to you all!  Your services were greatly appreciated!

A very satisfied customer,

Amy Lefevre

Wedding Reception

Amy Lefevre


Larry Joe Harless Community Center in Gilbert, WV


Wisconsin References

Wisconsin References

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events

Awaiting Email confirmation from recent events


Wyoming References

Wyoming References

The party was a huge success. The DJ was great, very responsive and interactive. Everybody loved  him!

Yes, you can use us as a reference.

What are your regular prices? Say, I wanted to have music one weekend night later this month? How much would it be?

Thanks, Traci


New Year's Eve Party

Place Restaurant in Cora, WY













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